Gravity and SpaceTime

Gravity and SpaceTime

Awareness becomes self-awareEinstein proposed that gravity is simply the curvature of spacetime. However, as I’ve observed on this blog, space is an effect of consciousness becoming aware of itself – in that recognition is a subtle gap (a-b). As this arises from consciousness curving back on itself, illustrated above, space is inherently curved. It is not a flat plane.

Neutron Star
Neutron Star

Also, attention flows, perpetually curving in on itself. Gravity, the attractive force, becomes inherent.

Further, because consciousness becomes self-aware at every point and scale, it is nested like Russian dolls and thus space is also nested. These nested spaces cause the effect science describes as spacetime curvature. But rather than curvature on a plane it’s 3D.

Nested DollsWe can thus say gravity is an effect of the movement of consciousness.

Time, as I’ve mentioned, is an effect of the process of experience. (c, above) This is why our experience of time varies relative to our relationship with awareness. We may not frame it that way but that’s the essence of why time seems to slow down, stop, speed up or disappear depending on how we’re using our attention.

Space itself is essentially empty but lively. We could say full of energy and potential. Almost immediately it becomes self-interacting. The liveliness of awareness becomes vibration (the Pranava) which then differentiates and interacts. The interactions lead to a subtle geometry which gives structure to fields and forms. I’ve explored the steps a little more here.

We can also describe that subtle geometry as devata interrelating. Social dynamics. (laughs)

icosahedron style ringIn the late ’70’s, I researched the geometry of consciousness, modeled with an icosahedron with a pair of poles pushed together in the middle. This is because self-aware consciousness tends to focus across a band or ring with a singularity in the middle. For example, a galaxy is structured in a sphere of self-awareness but most of the content is spread across a spinning disc with a primary center. Our body also follows the pattern.

I went to see R. Buckminster Fuller at the UN Habitat conference in ’76 but the place had people spilling out the doors. When I got some distance away, I noticed a massive stream of people pouring out of the building. I stopped to watch. To my surprise, they were coming in my direction. In a few minutes, Bucky took to an outdoor stage I was beside and looking slightly down on. To my surprise, he made sustained eye contact with me several times even though I was separate from the audience. We connected, you could say. (he was awake)

About a year later I was working in an off-season resort where they where holding retreats. In a nearby small-town bookstore, I ran into a book about the writing of Fuller’s Synergetics. He was using similar models to my own for “Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking.” Synergetics was the study of wholes greater than the combined parts. He called it the “energetic geometry” that was “all-space filling.” It used a 4D model of space based on the tetrahedron rather than a 3D cube. This did away with irrational and imaginary numbers.

With the general systems discovery of the tetrahedron as the basic structural unit of physical Universe quantation, we find that there is a fundamental hierarchy of vectorial-geometric relationships that coincides with and integrates topology, quantum mechanics, and chemistry.

In other words, it was an entire new system of mathematics. The book* was like an encyclopedia. But I couldn’t afford it.

Later, friends surprised me for my birthday. Seasons changed and we moved to an off-season ski resort in Whistler, BC. I set myself up in a storeroom and poured over the book in great detail, compiling my thoughts into some early writing.

Many years later, I found out Nassim Haramein was there at about the same time but on-season, exploring much the same in his van. All of us where driven by inner experiences of the way the world came into form.
double torus
Here’s how Nassim has modeled the double-torus dynamics of the flow of primary forces in the resulting fields: (the plane of primary expression is across the gap in the middle)

Funny how ideas get enlivened in group consciousness. Yet the balance of laws of nature in each person determines how the information is seen and expressed.

Here’s an article that blends some of Fuller with Haramein around gravity. I agree the gravity field is an effect of geometry. And that geodesic spheres come out of great circle geometry. I would add that the circular geometry comes out of self-aware consciousness.

I would also add that the initial vibration is in perfect equilibrium. But for differentiation to take place, there has to be small variations or “ripples” in the equilibrium. We can say the gunas go slightly out of balance. Or we can say the devata interact in specific ways to create patterns. To quote an earlier article by the same author, “a highly energized system in nearly perfect balance.” The nearly is what allows the display of the world. The balance is what sustains it.

Our DNA would be an example. All humans share over 99% of the same DNA. All of our genetic differences in shape, size, colour, and so forth are in a small fraction of variation.

The article talks about time as entangled with space but it’s better to see it as entangled with consciousness, its cause. Space is entangled with consciousness also but in a slightly different way. While you can’t move at high speeds in space without affecting time, if you do the same in consciousness, they’re separate. Then you can move across space in no time or move through time without changing space. 🙂

Fun to see those old explorations coming around again.

* the second book was published a few years later. Both are now long out of print but have been compiled on-line.

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  1. Tim Owens

    “Funny how ideas get enlivened in group consciousness.” Rupert Sheldrake has played with this calling it the “morphic field”. And it’s getting very, very lively these days.

    1. Hi Tim
      Yes, Rupert has done some fascinating research. His wife used to come out to the coast to do retreats and he’d come a long, giving a talk prior.

      He did a fascinating one on new laws of nature that arise when a new compound is discovered. At first, some of it’s properties like melting temperature are variable. Then it “matures” and they become fixed.

      Morphic resonance is also quite interesting. And he’s done some surprisingly large scale studies too.

      I wrote a couple of articles on my other blog about the controversy at TED. He gave a talk about the difference between the scientific method and the materialist paradigm, listing some of the fallacies that creep into science as a result of the second. TED pulled his talk, then after complaints, put it back up in a blog post as a talking point but rather badly misrepresented it.

      TED showed considerable bias and lack of integrity around it. It also brought to light they have a strong anti-consciousness bias.

  2. Jim

    Thanks for a fascinating read (not what I expected from the title-lol)! Very interesting the relationship of applied consciousness to its pure form, a source of endless variation. And the details derived from geometric models of same.

    More interesting still are the real world applications or activation, of these geometries, where such models come alive, effecting real change in current time and space.

    The tricky bit being, allowing the model to serve as a flexible example, possibly altered in shape, scope, or color from the expected norm; non-attachment, with perfect control. 🙂

  3. K

    So if you meet someone – you are able to tell if they are awake? I guess the non-awake are not able to diagnose this? At least I have never in person met anyone where I felt that this person is awake. Though I have felt with at least one or two people “this person is free in a certain way despite their circumstances”.

    1. It’s not that simple, K.
      If we resonate with them, yes. If not, not so much. As the awakeness grows, the resonance range increases, so more and more people can recognize it. A rare few have so much presence, it’s obvious to most people.

      But it’s the Self that recognizes itself, so it quite helps to be awake.

      Complicating it are things like charisma and abilities that may mislead people.

      A different approach is to learn energetic literacy. Then you can get a good sense of the quality of their energy. Thats not quite the same thing as being awake but you can at least know whats driving a person and if they’re in range.

      Most of the many people I know who are awake I know because we’ve discussed it. Sometimes it was pretty obvious but I’ve also been surprised (both ways).

      It’s a little like who do you know that can pole vault. It’s not obvious on the surface. 🙂

  4. Jim

    Yeah as the awareness begins to be inclusive of experience in the energetic realms, the natural thing to do, is integrate them for what they are. All of the energy.

    Once we get used to the idea or feeling that it is a bigger world than we could even imagine, taking our mind and heart to bursting and beyond (not literally – lol), and that our world continues to expand, it works out pretty well.:-)

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