Passing Illness

Passing Illness

Last week, I came down with a cold and was reflecting on the experience. The body was sick, the mind foggy, but peace and happiness where undisturbed.

This reminded me of a verse in the Bhagavad Gita

Weapons cannot cleave him,
nor fire burn him;
water cannot wet him,
nor wind dry him away.

Notice how this mentions examples from 4 of the elements. The true Self is not under the influence of the elements. In fact, the elements rise from it so it’s the other way around.

Not much work happened on the book preparations but I knew the experience was temporary and would soon pass. I went with it.

Certain indeed is death for the born
and certain is birth for the dead;
therefore over the inevitable
you should not grieve.

The day after I got sick, we had a large dump of snow which has hung around. This has enforced  taking it easy. (laughs)

All is well. All is always well, whatever the appearance. There is no suffering though there may occasionally be annoyances. 🙂

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  1. michael

    Yes, the real self is undisturbed!

    However i would always look (not in a aggressive way, just a certain curiosity is enough for it to be revealed) why i got sick…in this case suppression of the immunse system.

    there is always (in my expierence) something to learn.
    Sometimes we have to get it as it is part of our remaining blockages and have to live through it and sometimes we may have chosen something prior to the illness where we got a feeling that we maybe should have been done something different (like saying no to a person and we didn’t because we did not wanted to hurt them).

    Through the realizations that happened here it became clear that every illness points to something. And this is key in coming to ever deeper embodiment (from my experience).

    Get well soon David! 🙂

    1. Hi Michael

      Well – I am prone to overdo it a bit. But in this case, it was clearly part of a larger scenario. Others had to step in to do what I usually would and specific others where also called not to be there. Many plans were disrupted but it all worked out.

      I am pretty much back to normal now, thanks.

  2. Jim

    Glad my friend that you are over the illness. Good references! Yes, even in the thick of it, no matter the burden, success is inevitable.

    This is the advantage of the age, now. Life supporting actions are stronger than they have been in the past. It is possible to seek our better nature, with success.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Yes. The dance is in finding the approach which is now being called for. Many old ways and habits may no longer serve so have to be discarded.

      “Testing the waters” to see what is being supported. Then we can follow the new road to greater effect.

      1. Amaryllis

        “The dance is in finding the approach which is now being called for. Many old ways and habits may no longer serve so have to be discarded.” Yes, I see this working in my life, but am surprised at how hard it is; how many deep tentacles of resistance there are to change… Thanks so much for your support.

        1. Hi Amaryllis

          Keep in mind the old habits served you in their time and helped sustain life then. But now they don’t so it’s a process of seeing what is not serving and letting that go. Sometimes seeing is all it needs. But sometimes, there are deeper entanglements that become conscious over a larger period. “Tentacles of resistance” is a good way to put it. (laughs)

          I’ve been surprised how deep and pervasive some of it has been. But then, the changes we’re engaging are even deeper. 🙂

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