Further Stages?

Further Stages?

This post is more speculative as it’s something newly unfolding that is incomplete and I don’t know of other references yet.

As a being, we experience life from here. Our point from which we view the world is stable. Even if we “astral travel” or move within dreams or consciousness or become infinite, we still come back to this point, these senses in this body. We could say our experience is tethered here.

From a perspective of universal consciousness, Self is aware of itself both globally and at every point within itself. When we’re awake, we can say we’re global awareness experiencing itself through one of these points. The awakening unfolds this to direct experience.

However, the entire process of consciousness unfolding to itself here is through this one point of reference as a human and its relationship to the whole.

Yet our body embodies the entire universe*, the entire creation, every point within global consciousness, the cosmic body of all bodies, and is an embodiment of the totality of pure divinity.

We could say once the one point is aware of its nature fully, then the other points can come on-line. Understanding this requires a shift in perspective.

Our body is full of life-forms. It is made up of about 37.2 trillion cells in an average sized body. 240 billion make up a liver. 35 billion build the skin. 2 billion for heart muscles. And so forth.

You Are Not an Individual; You Are a Republic
— talk title by Dr. R. Keith Wallace

All of these are life forms with a point of awareness. And as it turns out, all of them can awaken!

In other words, while we’ve been experiencing from just one point, the very body we inhabit is the totality.

Cells awaken very much like this point did. They light up and there can be a kriya (sensation, movement or other release) or experience triggered.

The stages of expression of each cell suggests they go through similar stages to what we do. In fact, we can say that someone else waking up is another cell in the cosmic waking up. There is no others here.

And yet it would seem there is a further stage of development that can embody all awakenings in one form. Curiously, it looks like such a person could embody an awakening that is not yet embodied by the apparent person who it’s unfolding to.

Just think about it – everything you’ve heard about the value of enlightenment.

Now imagine what that means if there is not just one point awake but thousands of points, or millions or billions more awake in one being.
Boggles the mind.

Note: molecules and subatomic particles are mechanics of expression not life.

* it was recently announced that scientists have discovered there is 20x more galaxies than previously thought, that the universe has 2 trillion galaxies. However, they will end up bumping it up 20x more yet. 🙂

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  1. michael

    Ahhhhh that is fascinating!!!!
    I am allways full of energy when boundaries are crossed into “new teritory”. 🙂
    Great that you share this!!!!

    Will be intersting to see how the body responds to an awakening of every cell in terms of health, energy, de-aging….direction of the light body process? etc.

    I had clearings where it was clear (wordplay ;-)) that memories and tensions where cleared from my cells and blood.
    And recently had the realization that my body is the entire univers folded into one body.

    I have wondered if there are stages “in consciousness” (even though it is beyond it) beyond parabrahman? Like beyond pure divinity.

    All very exciting!!!
    Thanks again for sharing!!!

    1. Hi Michael

      A big factor would be how quickly those awakenings take place. At the same pace as the world? Or? Also – were they already happening and I just became aware of it?

      And yes, as we get more clear, background process become more obvious. I would not say the memories are “removed”, more that their binding influence is resolved. They become neutral. Although I have noticed some of the resolution can change what happens after that, even in the past. 🙂

      Over time, you’ll find the intimacy with the universe even greater.

      At this point, I’m not sure where this sits in the stages model. It may be part of ParaBrahman. It may be just an aspect of unfolding perception of who we are – of universe, creation, cosmic devata, cosmic body, etc. series.

      As pure divinity is “beyond the beyond”, I’m dubious there is beyond that but who knows. There has been more than a few surprises…

    1. Well put, Share.

      In case readers missed the closing reference, I’ve known several who noticed a correlation between galaxies and cells in our body.

      Seeing those tiny cells as a galaxy rather shifts dimensions around. 🙂

  2. Richard Cabell

    I’ve wondered when you would get to this – that finite word, “infinite”, is bandied about so handily, speaking of something that cannot be bound in the word – nice that you gave it some texture with the mention of cells!!!

  3. Jim

    Hi David, Although the subjective expression of what you describe continues to evolve in its vastness, one of the first ways I discovered that my body was as intelligent as my mind was to ‘turn off the mind’ when I had lost something around the house, and let the body just move, and find it.

    There can be a lot of identification with the mind as who we are, but it is similar to thinking that social media is life itself. It isn’t but can seem that way sometimes.

    The growth of sidhis also uses the infinite intelligence of the body, to manifest abilities that cannot develop simply through intellectual exercise.

    Thanks for bringing this up! 🙂

    1. Hi Alex
      To be clear, we all have light bodies already. Part of the process is becoming aware of them and cleaning house. Another part is more fully embodying them.

      It becomes clear there is so much more than that too. 🙂

  4. Blanche

    Thank you again, David, for the letters from your journey! I read something related to your present experience on Advanced Yoga Practices site (www.aypsite.org). Yogani, who wrote the lessons there, describes enlightenment as the merging of inner silence and ecstatic conductivity. Yogani talks about a series of movements in this merge: inward, upward, downward, and outward. Related to the downward merge of inner silence and ecstatic conductivity, he mentions the awakening of each cell of the body, with each cell vibrating with moving silence and ecstasy. It is a transformative experience – it seems that the entire body is “re-made” to support this new level of functioning. Something to look forward to here! 🙂 And as the body is a cosmic body, the enlightenment is felt in the entire creation…

    1. Hi Blanche

      Silence and conductivity are equivalent to consciousness and flow or Shiva and Shakti. Some do indeed experience the process is a sequence of movements like that but that’s not universal. It relates to the subjective experience of the way energy is shifting – kundalini rise and descent for example.

      What I’m referring to is the awakening of pure divinity in each cell. Thats a little further on than awakening to Shakti.

      Myself, I looked over the site a bit ago. Full of all kinds of information but I’m dubious of the approach. Lots of techniques that would normally be taught appropriately by a qualified teacher rather than adopted from a book.

      It would be too easy to pick up inappropriate techniques, practice excessively, or distort something without realizing it.

      But yes, the mental, emotional, and physical bodies are all cleaned up and reconfigured to support the stages.

  5. Blanche

    Hi David,
    The sequence of “movements” of awakening is not the same as the movements of kundalini energy (or better said, of the vayus stimulated by kundalini). Inner silence (Shiva) and ecstatic conductivity (Shakti) are awaken inside, and rise together, resulting in outpouring divine love. As Shiva and Shakti then descend together in the body, the outpouring divine love feels in the body like being soak to the bones in divine love – it is the experience here. Yogani talks about a further refinement, where the experience reaches each cell of the body. Shiva and Shakti meet each other in each cell, and every cell wakens up to the divine.
    After some decades of practicing yoga, I find the AYP site authentic, and unique in talking about core yoga practices. There are only a couple of things on AYP that I did not hear about before. Having a teacher does not necessary mean clarity in learning core practices. Other people who had the same teacher as me have quite different understanding and way of practice – everything is filtered coming in, and then refined through practice. In my experience, there is such a thing as inner guidance that points to the road home, unique for each of us.
    Looking forward to your reports from this adventure 🙂

    1. Hi Blanche
      Agreed but generally, Shakti is described and experienced as rising to meet Shiva, then descending together. The outpouring of love is usually associated with the awakening heart – first Anahata chakra, then the higher octave Hridaya during the descent.

      And yes, an inner soaking in love, and an outpouring to those around us, etc.

      Some may experience every stage as a form of awakening in each cell. The boundlessness of Self Realization, the love of GC, the oneness of Unity, and so forth.

      I was perhaps imprecise in the article, but did describe the broad context. The description of awakening cells was a reference to pure divinity. This arises after the stages of development in consciousness. It is post Brahman, when not just divinity but pure divinity beyond the appearances of consciousness begins to move into the physiology.

      The challenge here is with language. There are no distinct words I’m aware of for this. And due to the ‘as above so below’ principle, the description of one often sounds much like another.

      I’m glad you’ve found the AYP valuable for your own journey. And I agree, different students will gain very different things from the same teaching.

      Inner guidance is a beautiful thing. The Vedic tradition says it becomes reliable with the “resolute intellect” after Self Realization. At a point somewhere around Unity, the intelligence in the process of experience (devata value) comes with the experience, making it much fuller.

      My point about a teacher for techniques was appropriate use as mentioned. I’ve seen too many cases of people picking up inappropriate practices that don’t serve them well. Of course, this assumes the teacher themselves is qualified. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing. It is quite the adventure indeed…

    1. It is an interesting dance. 🙂

      It’s worth mentioning that there are cases where Shiva apparently descends to meet Shakti part way up, leading to awakening being experienced at a lower chakra. Then Shiva and Shakti would be experienced as rising together from there.

      Lots of variation in that part of it.

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