The Diversity of Brahman

The Diversity of Brahman

Brahman itself is totality, not diversity. The field of diversity is also Brahman but in the sense that diversity is just an appearance of totality.

The title of this article is a reference to the Brahman stage. Over time, it’s become clear how different the shift is for various people.

Each person experiences the stages in their own way. But by the time you get to late Unity, the variations in how the process has unfolded, the dominant laws, and dharma make an increasing difference in the subjective features and emphasis of the experience.

I’ve seen several cases where someone in Brahman didn’t recognize it in another because their experience was so different. But over time, it becomes clear because the fundamentals are the same.

One of the larger differences can be the degree of refinement present. If the unfolding is drier with a consciousness emphasis, it will be very different from someone with a strong Shakti unfolding. But even lifestyle and orientation with the world can be quite distinct.

For example, one may talk of nothing having ever happened, period. Another may develop a profound awareness of the flows of divinity in creating this appearance – still nothing happening but the causal mechanics of the appearance become known. This leads to differences in describing the world and experience.

Of course, there can also be huge variations in the terminology used. For example, Zen’s Adyashanti seems to use the term “No-Self” for Brahman. Most Buddhists use that term for Self Realization. Some describe simple presence with the term Brahman, and so forth.

Such a cornucopia.

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    1. Yes – this comes from study and direct experience. It very much helps to see other forms of the process so we don’t make assumptions or standards based on our own experience alone.

      This is one of the marvelous advantageous of the modern age!

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