Ways of Knowledge

Ways of Knowledge

A comment On Truth lead me to some thoughts on knowledge.

The first form of knowledge we have is stories we’re told as children and the feedback we get from others. Those turn into our working stories we often carry throughout our life. Boys don’t cry. Girls wear dresses. They start as simple principles and are built into more complex threads like ‘Girls wear dresses except in gym and at the beach’. Then ‘when I darn well feel like it’. But even the latter is built on the former.

The above stories become a part of our sense of self and thus can be fiercely defended.

As we grow through school, the mind becomes more prominent. We collect book knowledge – information. Some are better at this style than others. Others are more prone to relationship and social interaction.

In our teens, the intellect comes on-line and we may learn the art of discrimination. Or it may just be used for judgment to reinforce our stories. For some, this may show up more as intuition and fine feelings. That’s about as far as most people get.

However, consciousness opens the door to who we are and much deeper values of knowledge. Until now, our reality may have been ruled by concepts. Ideas that forms the stories of Who I Am. But now they can be founded on direct experience.

Energetic literacy opens doors to what are usually unseen dynamics in the people and world around us. With this and clarity in consciousness, our reality gradually becomes more informed by personal experience than others’ concepts and old stories.

Many of the old concepts need to fall for our new reality to emerge. But when the experience is full enough, it can blow out the old, leaving the mind without a story and no words to describe it for a time.

At a certain point, we put less weight on experience and favour being itself. Knowing through being, through who we are.

Each of the stages in consciousness bring with them new ways of knowing until what we are is the knower of itself. Consciousness is the knower of consciousness, Brahman of Brahman, and pure Divinity of Divinity.

Gradually we move towards knowledge based on reality itself rather than our second-hand concepts or even experiences of it. But that is a continual process of unfolding as the vehicle of knowing is progressively refined.

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