Our Gifts

Our Gifts

I’ve written several articles about Empath gifts, primarily because of the importance of being aware of them and getting skilled. This is because it can make a huge difference in quality of life, self-understanding, and spiritual growth when we stop taking on others burdens.

But it’s also useful to understand that while only 1 in 20 people are an empath, we are all born with gifts. And it can certainly be useful to discover the gifts we have.

Plus, even among people with the same gifts, others expression will differ from ours. Not all animal empaths experience the same aspects or types of animals, for example.

Funny thing is though – because we’re born with the gifts, they are ordinary for us so we may not recognize them as distinctive. I recall the story of Adam the Dreamhealer. When he was young, he didn’t understand why others enjoyed playing hide and seek. Peoples’ auras always gave them away.

When gifts are first noticed when we’re young, we may find them uncomfortable or they may not be appreciated by those around us. If we then suppress them, they move further out of awareness.

If we then pick up lame concepts and expectations about what we’re supposed to be like or what this or that gift is supposed to be like, we have a further impediment. Not to mention concepts that reject anything non-physical as “woo-woo”.

While all this may seem to help us cope, it gets in the way of quality of life and happiness as we grow older.

These gifts determine how we learn, what we find fun, and are the resources we have to grow in this life. So it’s very valuable to find out what custom tools we have in our toolbox.

Here, I would include standard things like IQ, aptitudes, Emotional intelligence, and temperament.

Additionally, we all have Intuitive ways of gaining direct knowledge and styles of subtle sensing (the Clairs). Like any talent, these can be developed with some simple techniques and the refinement of perception. But this doesn’t mean “see auras” necessarily. It may mean see inside the body, or feel and ease strain, or help people cross over at death. Or our skill may be celestial or with the subtle intellect. Within gifts, there is a vast array of variations.

Having gifts also isn’t always about life work either. Often, they’re more about how we see the world and learn from it. They may come up only occasionally on our journey.

Another program I’ve described is Sacred Gifts. These are gifts described in the Bible but taught in a secular way. They partly overlap with the above but also highlight other gifts like Extraordinary Trust or Challenge, someone who has a role stirring things up.

The Yoga Sutras also describe several dozen abilities we can be born with or that arise with spiritual development.

As consciousness rises, we’ve only just begun to map the gifts people may have had hidden and to get a broader sense of human potential. We live in remarkable times.

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  1. amaryllis

    Thanks David, it’s a great reminder that gifts express across a spectrum, and that they can be quite subtle … generally it’s the more obvious gifts that get written about and discussed…

    1. Hi Amaryllis
      Yes – the funny thing though is that what was subtle can become blazingly obvious once it’s conscious.

      Not sure I’d say it’s the obvious gifts that get discussed. It’s more the ones people are more comfortable talking about, that are more accepted. For example people can relate to emotional empathy so emotional empaths have become the only type thats generally recognized. It is also a more obvious type though because it can be the most problematic.

      But a lot of the talk out there also mushes things together. A term like “psychic empath”, for example, mushes together 2 completely different things. Psychic is a way of gaining knowledge and has noting to do with empathy. Anyway…

      Most amusing to me is about angels. While a majority of Americans “believe in angels”, if you talk about them factually, most people will also think you’re nuts. 🙂

  2. Lindsey L

    Hi David,

    Thank you again for this info on empath/energetic literacy and helpfulness in refinement process. Thanks to your blog and Rose Rosetree’s books, I am experiencing much relief and not “taking in” as much stuff to process just within the last month. Everyday is better. I am using the Empowered EMPATH book by Rosetree mainly, though I have 5 in total of her books. I am pretty sure I will be working with the Empowered book for a long time before coming close to the Master book. I have to share, however, I am reading on the side and working with her book, Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, and must say that it is a very good companion book to use even while honing the Empowered Empath skills. Really love the dissolving ties. Really helpful for me with the astral junk and just love the Aura Strengthening! Awesome.
    Well, just had to share my gratitude and my opinion on how in depth she is in the subject of positioning consciousness and how good these books are at clearing, dislodging and dissolving that sludge, etc. (as you mentioned in a few of your blogs). I notice similarities in things I had done sort of naturally and from other’s sharing more in the past that probably turned off some empath gifts by accident for awhile, but maybe that was just the witnessing stage, and stages before Unity, etc. I went through? Her books are excellently and clearly written, as well as your blog! It really helps me to understand (unpack) my spiritual unfoldment and the continuing shifts…Thanks again!

    1. Hi Lindsey
      You’re quite welcome. I admire the people that have found this earlier on their journey. It’s clear they have a much smoother process with greater clarity and a lot less doubt.

      I’ve also benefited greatly from her work but it does take time to work through her books and get proficient.

      I’ve also been reading her Cut Ties book. I got the advanced one and its written for healers. But it goes into a lot of understanding I’ve found quite useful.

      I’ve experienced a lot of this stuff for decades also but hadn’t had a framework for making it more practical. My orientation has always been more abstract, so it’s useful to discover someone like this with more applied skills. (laughs)

  3. Lindsey L

    Oh, yes on all points…she’s quite skilled also at the sharing and teaching aspect.
    I have Cord Cutting book too, but have only skimmed through it, not sure if it’s the advanced one. It looks good after I get through the other two that I am on.

    Thanks again- bye for now!

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