The Abundance Code

The Abundance Code

There’s a new movie out for New Age audiences that builds on prior films like The Secret called The Abundance Code. It has the common theme of talking heads surrounding an illustrative back story.

As usual, there is the “it’s all about me” approach and the “change your thoughts, change your world” message. But mixed in was a surprising amount of deeper insight. There was talk of letting go and allowing life/ nature to guide you, about allowing oneself to not know, about abundance not for the sake of gathering wealth but for having more experiences, and several even touched on witnessing and deeper self. There was also a strong message about finding where you can be of service, that life is about relationships and service.

The film was less about means and application and more about reframing your life conceptually. But still, it’s nice to see that growth of understanding taking place, even with some of the long-term personal-growth promoters.  🙂

Update: I’ve had a few questions about this article – this was not meant to be a recommendation. It was commentary on a new film and my observation that some growth is happening. As noted, the message is more about telling yourself a better story than going beyond stories.

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  1. What’s really nice, Davidya, is that you’re seeing the glass half full. For me, there’s a caution about drinking from that glass.

    For all of us living now, in The Age of Awakening, it makes a big difference where we position our awareness. A process, as it were.

    Otherwise concepts that might constitute a growth of understanding simply serve to keep people mired in a process that dulls them out, slows them down.

    To put it another way, if you wish to be better adapted to living in this Age of Awakening, you might wish to avoid a free treat that will position awareness further into the astral, even while promising human success and Divine connection.

  2. To put it another way, consider the source. About those authorities on personal growth in this new freebie, are they living in Enlightenment?

    Or are they (more likely) in spiritual addiction, or even extreme versions of spiritual addiction? To get a sense of the difference, you might consider going over to “The Enlightenment Life List” at my blog, where you’ll definitely find Davidya.

    (The url for this ongoing research into Enlightenment: )

    Many Hay House authors have been nominated — just see how many of them are living in a higher state of consciousness, as shown by applying skills of energetic literacy?

    1. Thanks, Rose. I’d call the speakers list a mixed bag in that regard. A couple of them seemed truly connected but yes, several seemed on the shadow side. And as written, it was a predominance of ideas rather than means. Net result, a tendency to encourage dreaming about it rather than living it. And that means astral.

      I don’t have your energetic literacy skills (yet), so the point here was more about pointing out some differences to discriminate. Of course, the weakness with that approach is that some of them may well have picked up some terminology and are talking the talk rather than the walk.

      To explore this more, I wrote about another of Rose’s books here:

      I’m looking forward to reading The New Strong. I get regular questions about how to live life effectively now, in our new times. The rules have changed. What used to work, doesn’t support us so well anymore. Sounds like this is directly what your book is about.

  3. I added an Update to the article to make clear my positivity was not meant to be a recommendation. Just observations.

    Being a film buff, I’ve been watching the development of such films since 2004’s What the Bleep. Tellingly, many of the speakers in that film where then followers of a channeler. (astral) Seems they set the stage for not just a film style but an astral orientation.

    The majority of those speakers have since fallen away from that group. It’s not so clear they’ve left behind an astral orientation.

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