Happiness is the Truth

Happiness is the Truth

“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth”
— Pharrell Williams, in the song Happy.

Coming home from errands today, this song was on the radio. In a curious way, there is truth to the lyrics – not that thinking about happiness makes it truth, but that happiness, in its pure sense, arises in the anandamaya kosha or bliss body. This is also known as the causal body or by the abbreviation Ritam, referring to a Sanskrit phrase that means “that consciousness that accepts only truth.”

Beneath the emotions, mind and intellect, being established there brings both happiness and clarity about truth. This is known as the resolute intellect.

Of course, happiness isn’t the only truth and there is much deeper reality than the bliss body. But it’s certainly fun. Another way we can describe happiness is the direct experience of life itself.

“Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof”

And of course, we can’t close without the original…


And a prior article I wrote on the song. And on bliss.

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    1. Right, Lori – and it’s potential for grooving along. Amazing how this got picked up around the world, people doing their own music videos, and leading to 24 Hours of Happy.

      That rather gave voice to something growing that the news doesn’t recognize. 🙂

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