Melting the Body

Melting the Body

I spoke recently about liberating the person. This is a stage well after we have liberated the soul and woken up to our universal nature. As we grow into our universal nature, there is an unfolding embodiment, a descent of the divine into form. How effective that is depends on how able we are to support it. What that means varies some by person.

We gradually come to see the body as cosmic. As that becomes progressively embodied and the physiology gradually adapts to sustaining that presence, we find a refinement even of the surface physical form.

The inner purity or clarity required for awakening gradually moves forward into the physical. Not from diet or posture or attitude but from divinity itself.

Lorne Hoff used the analogy of an iceberg. Awakening is like an iceberg breaking off the glacier of ignorance. The iceberg then floats in the ocean of being. Over time, it gradually melts and merges with being.

This is liberation on the level of the body itself. The body would become known as nothing but an appearance of light. The mechanics of its expression (the cosmic devata) have become known. As they recreate in every moment, we would have full control over its presence and appearance.

Beings who have reached this level of liberation are still very rare and certainly don’t include myself. Getting this far along while still in a body is exceptional. But there are a few stories like Babaji, the founder of Yogananda’s tradition. (he shows up in several traditions)

In some ways, full enlightenment is giving us the ground on which a true embodiment can unfold.

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  1. Jim

    Yes, Brahman begins in fetal form – lol. As we melt ourselves into the ocean, a new totality is formed, Brahman, infinity of infinities, seamless.

    But it grows too from its own light, just as the flicker of transcendent light began within us to first bring us over from darkness.

    Then, just as the light became still within us in cosmic consciousness, revealed the worlds closest to it with god consciousness, then blossomed into radiance with unity consciousness, the light is then infinite with Brahman, in every direction of time and space, in every crevice and horizon of awareness itself, inside and out, personal, impersonal, trans-personal, and ex-personal.

    This means that the previous investigation for Reality as this or that can no longer find a center, because greater than the infinite power and scope of the most comprehensive singularity previously identified, is simply everywhere. And Brahman is greater than the sum of its parts, ad infinitum.

    This then, is the starting point for Brahman, melted fully into the ocean, a new totality.

    And like every other being, at any point in evolution, new possibilities will become available as we grow, through surrender, into our new infancy, and beyond.

    As such a journey has typically been spoken of from the standpoint of ascetic sages and seers, it is breaking new ground to do so as ‘house-holders’; regular kebabs. That is the most fun of all. 🙂

    1. Well described, Jim. Agreed on the starting point but the particular emphasis of this post is not just the melting of consciousness into Brahman but the melting of the body into that light as well.

      But yes, there has been that emphasis on ascetics for some time. And yes, much more fun to do it in the world.

      This evening after satsang, several awake friends where discussing good steaks, kebabs included. (laughs)

  2. Jim

    Thank you – Yes, agreed, and the body is consciousness, therefore it and its surroundings will reflect the ripening of infinity, including the attendant services of whatever consciousness we find ourselves composed of.

    I found a somewhat crude introduction of this occurring vis a vis light during my practice years ago of the TM-Siddhis flying technique. Body into light and back into solid form, though I was busy with other things and didn’t investigate the mechanics further.

    1. Good example, Jim. In one state, able to do things a “solid” body cannot. In another, the usual. I had a number of experiences along those lines with the flying sutra.

      Invincibility was the more noticeable, like when I hit cement walls or ceiling. Absent if I tried to manipulate or show off. (laughs)

  3. Jim

    Yes, it was amazing how hard I could crack heads with someone when flying and never feel a thing except that an impact had occurred. Other times my radar would catch a wall or other hard surface before I hit, and I would just stop and drop.

    I have been thinking about how such phenomena may manifest more completely later on as consciousness continues to clear, similar to what you wrote already. The thing is, this time around, my diligence for such things is completely gone, replaced by simply watch and wait curiosity. Very much a case of the desire is there, and it will happen when it happens.

    1. Yes – there is a broad sense of where it’s going but that’s all we need. Expectations and supposed to’s just get in the way of enjoying and sometimes the process itself.

      What does show up is often way better than anything I could think of anyway. 🙂

  4. Hi Rose
    No, I haven’t. I read some of the stories a few decades ago.

    SRF themselves say he indicated he gave Yoga initiation to Shankara and Kabir prior to teaching Kriya Yoga to Yogananda’s masters master. Of course, teachings do like to raise their originators up. But I do recall seeing stories about him from other traditions.

  5. Uli

    Hi David,

    This from Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee…any thoughts..?


    ” This substance of creation can be interacted with. Human beings can engage in a unique dialogue between the substance in our souls and the substance in creation – a dialogue of light upon light. Through this dialogue, the kaleidoscope of life reveals the one essence of the Absolute, and the Absolute celebrates itself.

    This is not the same dialogue as the soul’s light interacting with the light of the inner planes, a disembodied divinity, which is how most of us understand spirituality. It is the light of the soul interacting with the light hidden within the material dimension – with God incarnate. Through this dialogue we come to know the Divine in the world around us.

    The physical world needs to be re-aligned with its own energy source, with the life force within it. The quickest way to align anything or anybody is by recognizing its true nature. Through humanity’s recognition of the sacredness of life, the divinity of everything on earth, through our reverence, the consciousness of our light can interact with the light in matter. The highest principle can come alive again within creation and release the energy waiting there.

    This energy that comes from the very core of creation can heal the earth and the psyche of humanity. It will reveal the unity and “interbeing” of all of creation, as expressed in the numinous image of Indra’s Net from the Mahayana Buddhist tradition:

    Here the universe is seen as an infinite net; wherever the threads cross there is a clear shining pearl that reflects and is itself reflected in every other pearl. Each pearl is an individual consciousness—whether of a human being, an animal, a plant, a cell or an atom—so a change in one pearl, however small, makes a change in all the other pearls, each one both singular and responsive to the whole.

    As matter becomes aligned with its true nature, it begins to vibrate at a higher frequency. It begins to sing. This song is one of the ways it will heal itself. Song has always been a magical way of healing, and the song of the world has tremendous power. In it, all the names of creation are remembered and awakened and celebrated. This song knows the name of God and sings of God in every leaf and every lake and every human being.

    The song of the world belongs to the primary nature of all that is. It is life’s sacredness expressing itself, remembering its Source. But we need to listen for it; we need to hear it. We need to celebrate the song. Our ancestors’ knowing that everything they could see was sacred was not something taught but something deeply, instinctively heard.”

    1. Hi Uli
      Beautiful article. Notice the duality of world and transcendent, the divine in both, seen through the “eye of the heart”. Although there is mention of oneness, the approach is primarily that of God Consciousness when we awaken to the divine this way. And it is coming from a devotional tradition, although the words are not framed that way. (for example, it’s not devotional poetry)

      The world arises from fine vibrations which can be heard. This is called “name and form”. The “time of naming” was really a time where the names became known. (Genesis describes this also) By making it conscious, it is enlivened in the objects of perception. This is awakening nature itself and the profound role humans can play in that. This is the “true name”, not the name we now give most objects, disconnected from it’s source. I’ve written about name and form previously.

      Typically, we first recognize this level and perceive the dynamics, gradually getting clear enough to distinguish specific sounds, etc. But usually there is some dynamic of re-balancing nature in the process. We may experience this within the world or within the body – same thing.

      Some aspects of nature are disinclined to communicate with humans. Perhaps that relationship needs to be healed. But other aspects are very open and will work with us if we bring the proper attitude.

      The light he refers to I call celestial. This is distinct from the astral. On the astral level, we’re working with energy and there is a lot of crud and imbalance there. On deeper levels, you work with sound and light. This is more powerful than energy. You want to clean up the other levels some first so thats not influencing your motivations.

      When we bring our attention to the light beings, our awakeness helps their awakeness. We awaken them and that aspect of this body is woken. As this is the body of all bodies, it awakens more in others too, depending on their local support of that.

      One of the interesting aspects of creation is it has layers where the same principles are repeated. On “the past” I wrote about the karmic mesh that connects us with our past and others with whom we have entanglements. Indras net is a subtler version reflecting soul level, without entanglements but with connection. Still deeper is awareness aware of itself at every point. Each layer is a reflection of the other.

      If a form exists, it has a “song” or name but it is often muted and asleep. Awakening its song awakens its form as described. This brings it a fluidity and joy similar to what I speak about in the post above.

      We don’t gain the skill of devata to speak the full song of an object but we can know its true name and work with the devata to be mutually supportive.

      The divine is descending into the world as we speak. I couldn’t tell you how long this will take but it is underway and will markedly change how many people experience the world. We’re in the dawn of quite remarkable times.

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