Mapping The Personality

Mapping The Personality

Recently, I’ve been learning how the cosmic devata communicate to create the world and using that to rebalance an area of the cosmic body. We might call this a more directed way of healing although my skills with it are as yet modest.

In the specific sub-chakra involved, as the discord was soothed, the devata were willing to step back into their positions and restore balance. Together, there was unison and harmony although some further soothing is yet to come.

What became apparent was there was 50 of them in this sub-chakra. That seems to be a standard for chakras. And it’s also a notable number.

There are 50 chakra databanks that express our gifts. This includes their degree of expression and the amount of sludge. Their balance is one of the markers of enlightenment. Clearly, the databanks are the expression of the individual devata. And there’s value not just in the databank but their combination.

50 is also the number of petals in the 6 lower chakras, managed by the crown. And is the number of the commonly used letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. Seems it all ties together.

And it means our form, personality and gifts in this life can all be mapped. That however would be require stage 3 energetic literacy and a great deal of time. We might call this a science of the future.

We can also say healing the person is balancing the village of relationships. Clearing a databank allows that devata to express more smoothly and in harmony with the others.

It’s worth noting a couple of things. “…in the same manner as the devas, in the beginning, remain together united near the source.” And the term Pashyanti, of the 4 levels of speech. We could say they function in cosmic mind, on the inner surface of self-aware consciousness. They are C, the process of experience itself.

It will be interesting to see how this matures and becomes more common and applied.

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  1. So fascinating and wonderful, Davidya.

    Of course, for those of us involved in teaching Stage Three Energetic Literacy and reading chakra databanks, this isn’t only “A science of the future.”

    I’ve already published a book with specific instructions for researching chakra databanks, and have gone on record reading them (in print and with clients) for the last decade.

    Research into chakra databanks is for now. Helping us now.

    1. Agreed, Rose. Stage 3 energetic literacy isn’t a science of the future but is being taught now. Not too common yet though. Most of what is being taught about chakras is a muddy mess.

      And mapping the databanks as a whole – that is yet to come. I set up a spreadsheet and tried to at least build a baseline but don’t have the skills yet. (plus time)

      Also, how they interrelate. So much is yet to unfold that you’ve opened the doors to.

      Imagine a time where kids are raised knowing their gifts, guided with the right education and skills, and able to blossom fully.

  2. I really enjoy when you bring your perspective, perception, consciousness, and curiosity to describe these things that I do not, and cannot, put into language as you do.

    Thank you SO MUCH for today’s important, historic article.

    1. Yes, I quite enjoy it when insights arise. So often, they tie so much together.

      This one also resolved something I was shown about 5 years ago. I thought what I was seeing was the spatial relationships of the Sanskrit alphabet. It was actually the spatial relationships in how the alphabet is Used by nature.

      With clearer seeing, I was able to resolve the question of that experience.

  3. celeste

    Love what you said about raising kids guided so they can blossom fully. This would save so much time in someone’s life so they can just get on with their dharma. I look forward to being a grandparent so I can help facilitate this.

    1. Hi Celeste

      Yes – often parents will expect their kids to be like them – a “chip off the old block”. And thus they’ll point them to what worked for them. Or they’ll push kids to fulfill what they couldn’t.

      But sometimes our kids are very different in key ways like where they’ll find work success, etc. Giving opportunities to explore various things lets them fill out their personality but also find what they love through experience.

      Having a sense of their dominant laws of nature can really help.

  4. Morgan

    Hi David,

    Do you have a article on the spatial relationships of the Sanskrit alphabet in how the alphabet is Used by nature? I don’t know what you are talking about but would like to learn more 🙂

    1. Hi Morgan
      I had an experience in ’10 that I took to be a spatial relationship within the Sanskrit alphabet. But as I noted above, it turns out I was missing part of it. It’s the devata (in this case light beings prior to form) that have the spatial relationship.

      They then use their equivalent of the Sanskrit alphabet to speak together and create form by using resonant harmonies.

      I talked about this a bit more on the prior article.

      Basically, the world is sung into being. 🙂

    2. To be clear, Nature doesn’t use the Sanskrit alphabet. It’s a human representation of the sounds of nature. We’re also not capable of speaking them like this – we don’t have the mechanism. But we can learn to function on their level. Yoga calls it Samyama.

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