The Edifice

The Edifice

Corresponding with a friend, they mentioned being a “collective edifice of our thoughts”. I responded that I see the person more like the collective edifice of the laws of nature focused here. That leads to our thoughts, tendencies, and so forth.

Some of those laws we may not consider ideal or of mixed value while others bring gifts we might prefer. But this unique blend of emphasis we have leads to our unique perspective of the world and the fulfillment of our creation.

Coming to terms with our blend and how we can best benefit from it leads to comfort with those laws and even gratitude. When we’re supporting them, they can better support us. Our desires are fulfilled more easily and completely.

Of course, those laws are always working in context of the whole. They’re not confused by ideas of “individuality”. We may still find timing isn’t always what we might want. Sometimes, it seems like too much at once. Other times like nothing is happening. But if we allow it to unfold as the best for all, they’re often able to do better for us than we might imagine.

Perhaps that sounds contradictory – if they’re the origin of our thoughts, would we not be able to think as well as they, so to speak? The key is in synergies. While thoughts may arise from specific dynamics and interactions, the fruits of action arise from the synergies of the whole. What we notice taking place within is only a small part of the larger dynamics. How often do we notice breathing and digestion, for example? What about healing that cut?

Many thoughts are just markers for mental and emotional digestion and purification. They’re the noise of processing, we might say. Our mind also doesn’t exist in isolation, so there is also various kinds of environmental signals.

Far fewer thoughts are impulses of the divine. This is more noticeable when the mind is very settled. Then thoughts are rare and have more potent intention to them. These are the ones that reflect our foundational laws more directly, the support of this edifice.

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