Kristin on Release

Kristin on Release

Finally got a chance to listen to Kristin Kirk‘s talk from last years SAND conference. Called “Dissolving the Substance of the Conditioned Self”, she explores the awareness and release process she adopted. My own process has been similar and thus what I’ve described on this site. But here you can hear a simple refreshing clarity in her words, from her experience. She also has a very refreshing take on how to see your yourself through this process.

While her skill level is much higher than most peoples, the process she describes is possible for everyone. And each knot of “substance” that you allow, process and release is another step up in quality of life. And another step up in the clarity that supports smooth spiritual growth.

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  1. Jim Flanegin

    Thanks for sharing this. The technique she describes, once we have become reasonably clear, is the exact same technique used to heal others. It is amazing the energy and types of energy released from some of these practices. When I find myself healing someone, the energy released streams through my mind and in the case of a chronic ailment, there are whole worlds of context and experience released, that are entirely foreign to me. As I hold onto nothing, there is no issue, but it is flat out amazing, and oddly leads to strong *blissful* experience when I am transmuting the energy.

  2. Yes – with the clarity there, the ability to see and know what to do spontaneously arises. Sometimes, the origin of the blockage comes with its release. And with that we’re also resolving resistance blocking flow, otherwise known as karma.

    Key of course is becoming conscious. Once that is there, everything else follows.

    Thanks for the comment, Jim.

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