Sound Healing

Sound Healing

There is a profound art to sound that we have not yet rediscovered. Mantra, the study of specific sounds has largely lost the understanding of tone. There are references to it in Sanskrit but it’s clearly not understood. This may partly have been influenced by the paternalization of Sanskrit- the shift to men as the carriers of the language.

Indian Ragas, melodies  which are aligned to certain times of the day or for certain effects have shifted to the easier western polyphonic scale and away from natures pure tones. The polyphonic scale calls for tones of equal frequency increments that allow chords, but it falls away from the higher importance of natural sequence.

Sound healing and technologies like Rife use specific frequencies or tones for a given effect. The western ear is a bit biased by the same polyphonic scale though. And without the right letter for the tone, a piece is missing.

Nature itself creates first through vibration. Correct vibration is in tone and pronunciation and sequence. While there may be some value in listening to a pure tone, the real power for change is in a sequence of unfolding.

Just consider Aum, the pranava mantra or first sound, the sound from which all sounds arise. It is always experienced as having one of several very specific tones. (depending on what you’re hearing it with) But this is just at the very beginning. To have expression, Aum has to break out into sequence – letter-tones in a specific unfolding.

The true art of sound healing and powerful mantra will come when these are merged – correct tone and correct pronunciation. And then correct sequence.

PS – coherent fields? That’s another technology we’ve lost that is soon to be rediscovered. The flowering of new understanding will be unprecedented.

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  1. Best way to explain it is with laser. Laser is coherent light, light with synced vibrations. This brings out qualities not present in normal random light.

    Do the same thing with fields and you have coherent fields. I’ve seen some research with coherent magnetic fields where they levitated large iron objects but they appeared to be missing the point.

    Coherent fields were used extensively for things like transportation in our distant past. Fast, safe, high speed travel.

  2. I suspect you will, and then some. The revolution that’s taking place in consciousness will also express in the world in various ways, including technology. I don’t have a good sense of how soon but we’re now past the stage when this was known in the past, so the door is open. It is only for it to unfold.

  3. Kamakshi

    I understand you have some background in TM. I am pulled to do multiple mantra meditations (i.e. meditate on 3 or 4 distinct bija mantras rather than just one). I am not sure what to make of this. I have also meandered in multiple career paths and so this may be my nature. But I read that one should pick one mantra and stick with it. But I find that kind of saddening to let go other mantras and stick to one. Any insight on this? Thank you !

  4. Hi Kamakshi
    Some meditations (effortless or otherwise) use combinations of mantras. And some mantras use whole phrases from the texts. But there is an art to how they’re used and I’d be careful about experimentation. When you settle into samadhi, the sounds you use at that level are powerful and reverberate for some time.

    I discuss some of this here, including a decent book on the subject:

    It’s worth noting that a proper practice has 3 elements. 1) the choice of mantra
    2) the technique used with it
    3) proper instruction

    In the last case, a traditional instruction is done in such a way as to plant the seed deep so there is long term reverberation and maximum benefit. Simply picking a mantra from a book doesn’t do that. And picking an inappropriate one, such as for monks, will have undesirable consequences.

    Your best bet may be to use a primary mantra for your daily practice, properly initiated. Then use other mantras therapeutically, as a distinct practice.

    It’s also not necessary that all mantras be used the same way. For example, you may be called to chant (speak out) some or use them in other ways, like focused on an area of the body. (discussed in the book noted prior)

    The other principle worth noting – mantras are to support life not escape it. You should not be spending an excess amount of time in a practice. Otherwise the benefits are not integrated and embodied.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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