Time is Nested

I’ve spoken before about the dynamics of consciousness. How space arises and how time arises. And I’ve spoken about how space is nested.
Awareness becomes self-aware

Essentially, space (not yet the element) arises as an effect of the distance between awareness being aware of itself. And time arises as an effect of the process of experience. A point of focus on a process creates an experience of unfolding. In the graphic above, time is an effect of the arrow, C.

Because everything that arises arises in consciousness, everything exists in a bubble of self-awareness. Quickly it becomes obvious that this is nested. Our creation is a level, our universe is within that, our galaxy within that, solar system, planet, and so forth. In other words, consciousness becomes aware of itself everywhere within itself. Because self-aware consciousness is nested, so is space. The space of creation, of the universe, of outer space, and so forth exist in layers, one within the other.

Considering a few things that had come up, it suddenly dawned on me that time is also nested. There is this incremental unfolding to itself in all these layers that we experience as time. We have a personal time nested within community time, nested within planetary time, and so forth.

India has a concept of cosmic time where there are massive cycles within cycles, defined by the lifetimes of various gods. 1,000 lifetimes of Brahma is one of Vishnu. 1,000 of Vishnu is one of Shiva, and so forth.

However, when you study the Yugas or cycle of ages, it becomes clear this is specific to our planet. The zodiac of ages is relative to our place in the solar system and beyond. If you were to go to a planet around Andromeda, for example, their constellations and zodiac would be entirely different. And their flow of time and ages. A different space and time.

In the recent film Interstellar, they explored a different view of time. This raises an interesting detail. If we do travel through interstellar space, even not close to the speed of light, we won’t just find planets with a different gravity, atmosphere, and forms of life. But the experience of time and space will be different because they’re in a different one. Perhaps a little different, perhaps a lot.

It also means that not everyone is coming out of a dark age at the moment. Some places are living a golden age now. But we’re also in this together, so the inertia we’re coming out of will have been bringing the larger space down too. It’s a good thing for everyone that we are ascending.

It also gives some further perspective on people who describe having their first incarnation here on earth. Not only probably without their soul group – people we inherently know – but also the rules are all subtly different, including the time cycle. Everyone behaves a little strangely, including you’re own body suit.

It also explains why, when you’re with someone who awakens, you can feel it because it’s another aspect of the Self that is awakening. And yet, if someone awakens in Iran, you won’t typically notice it even though it’s the same Self. Their awareness expression as their form is too many layers away. 4th cousins, as it where. Still a common Self but a less-shared experience.

As we become established deeper and deeper into the cosmic here in form, then we relate more and more with the cosmic scale of space and time while still apparently living in this body suit.

Doesn’t make sense? That’s OK. It’s just an interesting exploration of the nested nature of time and consciousness. It has little bearing on the life you’re living now. Usually. 😉

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  1. Michael Jaksch

    Hi David!
    To be honest i did not get all of your text.
    Do you know people who have their first incarnation here on earth? I mean are they more advanced being “coming down” to help us or are they just on the “mainstream” evolutionary scale?

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  3. Bojan

    Hi David
    It’s interesting to consider extraterestrials living on other planets, in other galaxies and universes. But i am wondering if other living beings are living in golden ages right now why is there a limit to that? Why are all beings not in golden ages or in dark ages at the same time? I guess it really is related to nested space and time somehow. You were often writing and talking how only small number of awake people or people in higher stages of development are influencing the entire collective. But this is limited to planet Earth. This is all to apstract to me, but can you tell a little bit how is this working?
    Some people are saying that some extraterestrials are physicaly coming here on Earth. I don’t know if that is true or not but i guess they would maybe have troubles adopting to this local space and time…
    Also i am wondering how would for example humans be affected if they would be living in some space habitat or on other planets. As you said the cycles of time are different in different places in universe and even more on the level of the entire creation. Time cycles somewhere on the space habitat or on other planets would affect people who would move there. On the other hand, the spiritual growth is happening from the inside out, so maybe people living there would, maybe on the level of the soul, choose to live there where time cycles are different then here on Earth. All this is highly speculative of course.
    I would appreciate your comment on this…
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Bojan
      I used to understand it that way but have realized it’s not that simple. Other places in our universe have different circumstances both physically and subtly.
      Even here on earth. In the West, we talk of 4 seasons. But in India and SE Asia, they have 6 seasons. Their experience of the world and thus their culture has developed differently. Similarly, the southern hemisphere is in the fall season now while this country is in spring.
      Take those cycles to another planet and they’ll likely be more different.
      As there are cycles within cycles I expect that at certain points, there will be larger synchronizations. For example, at the end of a day of Brahma, it’s likely all beings everywhere would become enlightened. Or maybe the reverse. (laughs)
      Yes, this is more speculative as I’ve seen part of this but it’s not so easy to see the whole and all the detail at the same time. 🙂
      The awake do influence the collective because they’re awake to it. The more awake, the broader the influence because they’re becoming increasingly universal.
      They can even have a broad influence on the universe as a whole. In fact there is a group of ancient sages who manage our universe. But our influence on other planets is muted by their different consciousness. Like they have a different radio station.
      This relates to what I call resonance. There are awake people you’ll relate to and feel their presence. There are others that will seem neutral.
      The question I’d ask is if physically traveling many light years is worth the trip. Why not travel in consciousness? Much easier and not hard on the body.
      I don’t know much about of living in space or visitations. I did see a UFO at a distance when I as a kid, but thats about it. Elon Musk of Tesla fame is building a rocket that can get us to Mars. He wants to build a colony there. It would be a very different experience to earth, even aside from living entirely in an artificial environment.
      We as people did evolve in this planetary environment. Hard to say what would change if we lived elsewhere.

    2. Worth noting – I’ve met a couple of people having their first life as a human after prior lives on a different planet. They took a human body to live here. Maybe that’s the secret to interplanetary travel. (laughs)
      They said they came here to a different kind of experience they couldn’t have where they were.
      I don’t get the impression this is very widespread. Most peoples karma is very intertwined with others here.

  4. Bojan

    What a wonderful reply from you, David! Thanks!
    When you’re using the word ” collective”, how “big”collective do you have in mind? Limited to planet Earth or ultimately universal? So, hypoteticaly speaking, if in the future people would live on the Moon or Mars or some space stations away from planets, would the golden age on the Earth influence people living there? Moon and Mars have different time cycles and on the space stations there are no time cycles( or they are, i don’t know). I don’t expect you to answer this becose i don’t know who would even know those things… This are just some thoughts i have reading your article…
    About the Ufo’s… I’ve never seen anything like that. But i was always fascinated by it and since i was a child i have a wish to see or even talk with some aliens. If they are benevolent of course! But no luck yet! And in the rural area where i live there are a lot of places for them to land!
    About the nested time… I don’t even know how to ask a question bc it is such a complex topic and my knowledge of english language is not so good…
    You wrote, “time arises as an effect of the process of experience”. I can imagine bubbles of space, but time… Nope! So how does this knowledge of space and time come to you? Is it something spontanious always there, always present, or if you want to know or comprehend something, you need some effort to discover that?
    When i read some of your abstract articles like this one (it’s abstract for me, i guess bc i don’t have any experience yet),
    I am wondering how do you translate your experiences in the language? I guess it’s a miracle…

    1. Hi Bojan
      By collective, I refer here to humanity although there is a broader influence too. And by humanity, I mean more than just those in human bodies right now. It’s clear that the shifts can heal forward and back for multiple generations and lives. And sometimes, we can become a vehicle for a major collective process.
      A golden age on earth would influence humans on other planets but the collective of that planet would be more dominant. The closer the collective is to us, the more it influences. Nations, regions, cities, neighborhoods, family… Plus social networks. We branch in many ways. The more universal we become, the broader the influence can be, assuming sufficient healing.
      What I saw was a light moving across the daytime sky. Thought it as an airplane. It then suddenly shot off in a different direction, vastly faster than a plane. What it was? Who knows.
      I was fascinated when I was young too.
      The process of experience is the most subtle of the subject, object, process dynamic. If you consider experiencing a process, notice how your experience of time changes when you’re bored or inversely involved in a project. This difference in the perception of time is because we’re changing our relationship with experiencing.
      There is an old saying – a watched pot never boils. When we put our attention on time, it seems to slow.
      Here, recognizing that space was nested came after many years of experiencing subtle spaces. But each was experienced distinctly. When the perspective got big enough, I could recognize the relationships.
      The understanding that time was an effect of the process of experience came from experiencing another creation, distinct from our own. That one is very simple, an embodiment of the process of experience. So it became clear.
      Later, I recognized consciousness was nested and thus space was too. Then it because clear time also was because both are effects of consciousness self-interacting.
      But note that its not the person David having these discoveries. It’s exploring far beyond the person. David’s job is just to get it into words. 🙂
      It’s the mind’s job to translate experiences into words. If it’s a big one, it can take some time. The experience has to be integrated and the mind digest it. If it’s interesting and useful, I then may write it up as a blog post.
      i happen to be visual so tend to use visual words. Others can be more somatic or sound oriented so will use different words and may relate to it somewhat differently. Other perspectives of the same reality.

      1. Bojan

        Hi David
        Time is certainly a fascinating topic! I noticed when the unresolved shadow issues emerge on the surface, the experience of time is as if it is slower. But when i have a “good time”, it tends to go faster. No wonder the catholic church invented the ever lasting hell lol!
        And yes,i remember you’ve mentioned several times that other creation. So, besides being simple creation, what are the other differences between ours and that other one? And how many creations are “out there” anyway? I remember reading about multiple universes and creations in one magazine for spiritual growth here in Slovenia. It was the writing of one guy from the 19th century. He said there is a huge number of universes, but not infinite. About the creation he said, from the perspective of linear time, there is one creation manifested at the time, the previous ones are not in the same way, if i remember correctly. The number of previous creations is infinite. And in his writings he mentioned the “next” creation too. Aparently even one universe of that next creation will be multiple times biger then the entire this creation. He described the form of the universe as the ball or egg with an edge or “wall”. And the form of the entire creation, looking at it from the “outside”, is in the form of the human body, which i thought is a weird description. Certainly another fascinating topic way over my head!
        One more thing about the Ufos…
        Long time ago my late uncle told me about his experience he had. He was aware of my interest in Ufos, so he felt he can tell me about it. It happend many decades ago in Croatia in rural area not so far away from me.
        While walking somewhere, he saw a “machine”, as he told me. It was on the ground, near the forest. This object didn’t have any wings or propelers. It’s shape was like a cylinder with one side as the pencile. It was a small object of several meters. It emited a low pitch sound too. Sudenly the “machine” started to take off the ground flying up in the sky. The pitch of the sound got higher. And the object eventualy disapeared in the distance. This encounter lasted maybe few minutes. My uncle didn’t say it was the extraterestrial ship bc he didn’t see anyone around it. He just described what he saw, but what that was, he simply didn’t know. It happend during the day. There are many wonders in the world i guess…

        1. Interesting, Bojan
          The other creation was a simple sample I can use that I learned from. Yes, there are many universes in our creation, egg-shaped from the outside. Not infinite. Some last a long time, some less so.
          To the experience here, there are many creations although I have no idea how many. Some are manifested and some not. The example one I gave wasn’t until I brought attention to it. Then it unfolded. Thats the basic mechanics. Some creations I can’t comprehend.
          I don’t see them as sequential like that but as different potentialities. Like different thoughts in the Divine mind.
          Thats a reference to the cosmic body, the body of all bodies. From one perspective, everything is in the cosmic body. So creation can be experienced as human-shaped although the body can also take other shapes. The human shape is surprisingly universal though. Creation can also be seen as taking the body of consciousness, which is spherical.
          This also relates to Narayana meaning first born.
          Yes many wonders we’ve not yet discovered….

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