Time is Nested

I’ve spoken before about the dynamics of consciousness. How space arises and how time arises. And I’ve spoken about how space is nested.
Awareness becomes self-aware

Essentially, space (not yet the element) arises as an effect of the distance between awareness being aware of itself. And time arises as an effect of the process of experience. A point of focus on a process creates an experience of unfolding. In the graphic above, time is an effect of the arrow, C.

Because everything that arises arises in consciousness, everything exists in a bubble of self-awareness. Quickly it becomes obvious that this is nested. Our creation is a level, our universe is within that, our galaxy within that, solar system, planet, and so forth. In other words, consciousness becomes aware of itself everywhere within itself. Because self-aware consciousness is nested, so is space. The space of creation, of the universe, of outer space, and so forth exist in layers, one within the other.

Considering a few things that had come up, it suddenly dawned on me that time is also nested. There is this incremental unfolding to itself in all these layers that we experience as time. We have a personal time nested within community time, nested within planetary time, and so forth.

India has a concept of cosmic time where there are massive cycles within cycles, defined by the lifetimes of various gods. 1,000 lifetimes of Brahma is one of Vishnu. 1,000 of Vishnu is one of Shiva, and so forth.

However, when you study the Yugas or cycle of ages, it becomes clear this is specific to our planet. The zodiac of ages is relative to our place in the solar system and beyond. If you were to go to a planet around Andromeda, for example, their constellations and zodiac would be entirely different. And their flow of time and ages. A different space and time.

In the recent film Interstellar, they explored a different view of time. This raises an interesting detail. If we do travel through interstellar space, even not close to the speed of light, we won’t just find planets with a different gravity, atmosphere, and forms of life. But the experience of time and space will be different because they’re in a different one. Perhaps a little different, perhaps a lot.

It also means that not everyone is coming out of a dark age at the moment. Some places are living a golden age now. But we’re also in this together, so the inertia we’re coming out of will have been bringing the larger space down too. It’s a good thing for everyone that we are ascending.

It also gives some further perspective on people who describe having their first incarnation here on earth. Not only probably without their soul group – people we inherently know – but also the rules are all subtly different, including the time cycle. Everyone behaves a little strangely, including you’re own body suit.

It also explains why, when you’re with someone who awakens, you can feel it because it’s another aspect of the Self that is awakening. And yet, if someone awakens in Iran, you won’t typically notice it even though it’s the same Self. Their awareness expression as their form is too many layers away. 4th cousins, as it where. Still a common Self but a less-shared experience.

As we become established deeper and deeper into the cosmic here in form, then we relate more and more with the cosmic scale of space and time while still apparently living in this body suit.

Doesn’t make sense? That’s OK. It’s just an interesting exploration of the nested nature of time and consciousness. It has little bearing on the life you’re living now. Usually. 😉

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5 Responses to Time is Nested

  1. Michael Jaksch says:

    Hi David!
    To be honest i did not get all of your text.
    Do you know people who have their first incarnation here on earth? I mean are they more advanced being “coming down” to help us or are they just on the “mainstream” evolutionary scale?

  2. Great food for thought!

  3. Davidya says:

    It is pretty abstract, Michael.
    The few I’ve met came because it was better for their evolution in some way.

  4. Davidya says:

    Thanks, Phyllis
    That’s really all it was designed for. Some seed ideas. We’ll see how it flowers.

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