Sometimes you have a light-bulb moment. Perhaps as an aha! Or a forehead-slapping duh! And then quickly it seems obvious – why didn’t I notice this before? It was staring me in the face!

Even with spiritual awakening itself, many have this reaction after the shift – it’s that simple? Why didn’t I get this sooner??

Clarity, of course, which they now have more of. The Sanskrit word for clarity? Sattva.

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  1. Davidya, this short but sweet post is fascinating.

    When I think of “Sattva,” I also think of the word “Purity.” Although I’m no Sanskrit scholar compared with you, this is one of the meanings, correct?

    And the interesting thing about having both meanings, to me, is how often my clients often start a session with the intention for “Clarity.”

    If it is a session of aura healing and transformation (not an aura reading), I’ll work with my client to change that intention to something more specifically about improving human life, like “Live more in the present” or “Handle anger better.”

    But the funny thing is, with aura healing there is more PURITY. So, with this new meaning of “Sattva” to me, the client is also gaining clarity.

    At least if Sattva means both clarity and purity.

  2. Davidya, it is a lovely thing to contemplate, especially on American Thanksgiving day, that we can attain both more purity and more clarity through our use of free will, how we spend our time, how we choose our helpers, how we refuse to give up.

    Awakening, or Enlightenment, may seem like big goals. Yet our human desires and needs can lead us there, step by step.

  3. Hi Rose
    Yes, there is no English word that’s equivalent to Sattva. So words are used like purity and clarity and golden. It well describes the feminine side of the process that allows us to embody the awakening within. This is twofold – removal of the crud or what you call Stuff. And refinement that helps unfold the finer resolution values to perception and feelings. Energetic literacy is part of that.

    So yes, more purity is more clarity. The cleaner the water, the clearer. Of course we’re not talking about purity in some physical way but rather the clarity of our inner light. The removal of veils of ignorance.

    Right – just how we favour and feed our attention. Do we culture Thanksgiving or regret? Either may come up naturally, but do we resolve it or feed it?

    Sattva is still a guna though, so we also need transcendence. The covering of gold referred to in the quote at the bottom of the site is sattva. But after we’ve gone beyond the gunas, then established in that, we can increase clarity or purity in what is here without being caught by it.

    Thanks for your sharing.

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