Front Row Seat

Front Row Seat

Imagine you’re watching a play at the theatre. It is a vast spectacle and you have a front row seat. In fact, that play is a custom play, written and performed just for you. While the audience feels very large, there is only one watching. The play is called “My Life.” In spiritual parlance, this experience is called witnessing.

This play is unfolding simultaneously with billions and billions of other such plays and they’re completely interconnected. No play could go on without all of them. The actors on your stage are, at the same time, also at play in others plays. When they leave your stage, they enter the stage of others. Even death is just a change of act, a brief curtain call. As in the film Cloud Atlas, we begin the next act in a new but related role. And you, in your front row seat, are also on your own stage and the stage of everyone else in the play.

This play is unfolding at all scales. From galaxies to stars to animals to bacteria to atoms. The stage extends in all directions for eons. The billions of sets have an unimagined complexity. Plus, it is unfolding not just here in the vast physical world but on multiple layers of reality that interpenetrate each other, even in your play. In other words, there are actors you don’t necessarily even see. And there’s other universes as well.

Because there is only one watching, there is really only one play. In Sanskrit, they call it Lila. But because of the complexity on the stage itself and the diversity of perspectives, it has the appearance of many, many unique plays. Other beings experience your stage quite differently, be they bird or angel. The play has laws or rules of the game, though those rules may depend somewhat on what act you’re in and who’s present on stage.

While some may discount such ideas as “intelligent design,” creationism, and faith-based nonsense, what I describe is actually a direct experience at a specific stages of development. But this doesn’t discount evolution in the slightest. Notice I said stages of development. It’s both.

Whosoever thinks it’s all an accident has not yet seen the script. Or the author. 😉

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  1. Sahm King

    Aren’t we all the same actor? I mean, consciousness with a divine “multiple personality disorder”? Intriguing. I wonder if this is something like what some of the new quantum physicists are getting at? People the likes of Dr. Amit Goswami… And now my head is spinning.

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