The Profound Intelligence of Being

The Profound Intelligence of Being

I’ve continued reading the Yog Vasistha (Vasishtha). Vasistha continues to talk about there being nothing but consciousness and that all creation is a causeless illusion. As I’ve mentioned before, I disagree with this emphasis on a causeless illusion, though he occasionally agrees with me as another perspective. Perhaps the emphasis is due to his talk being to Rama who is just awakening. In Self realization, the world does come to be seen as illusion.

I continue to find notable points though. In his emphasis on causeless creation being without intention, I went back and considered the mechanics more closely. From my perspective, everything expressed begins with intention as that is a mirror of fundamental reality. But what I realized was that “first” intention does not in itself contain all of the knowledge necessary to form the creation that arises.

It is simply an intention to express, to celebrate the recognition of one’s being. What structures the result is the profound intelligence in pure being. An analogy comes to mind. That urge to express is analogous to electricity. With a complete circuit, it simply flows. But the effects of the flow varies with the circuits it flows through. It may be a light bulb or a fridge or a computer. This is the value-added component or structure of intelligence. The intelligence that is embedded in the cosmic mind as a mesh of interconnections. Reminds me of the synaptic pathways of the brain.

One point of intelligence receiving an intention to express is enough to support an entire creation through all time plus the entirety of any and all souls therein.

We could say that awareness has no expectation of what the consequence of its expression will be. Only that it wishes to express. It switches on the nearest switch and whatever intelligence is there is lit up. That’s the creation that unfolds at that point. (by creation, I mean the structure that in turn gives rise to universes such as our own or whatever structure that creation has)

This points to an aspect of separating between pure awareness/God/Consciousness and the created. Creation arises in an unmanifest space of self-awareness. A gap, if you will, in the boundless Brahman. The expression is a side-effect of celebration rather than a direct intention of That. But it’s also all contained within the One. The creation is not actually separate.

We can say this is the Lila or play of God and we can see why it might be said to be unreal and causeless. We can also ask where this structure of intelligence came from. We can see it’s based on past experience, past creation. But in the context of eternity, what is the beginning?

Clearly, it is the origins of awareness itself for it is the dynamics of awareness being self-aware that  give rise to all expression.

Yet the vastness of intelligence remains beyond comprehension. The intellect is simply not able to take it all in at once. As others have said, only God can be omniscient.

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  1. “In Self realization, the world does come to be seen as illusion.”

    I have found this fascinating to explore with others.

    In the last few years, and with the however many hundreds of people I’ve talked to in that time, this point comes up over and over again. And rarely have I seen a greater sticking point.

    Seeing the ‘illusion’ within the self-full mind for the first time can be an earth-shattering experience, if I can say it that way. And what an effect it can have within that same mind…the adherence to the ‘fact’ of the illusion.

    Perhaps it is out of fear? You know, seeing something so clear and seemingly profound has the effect of clearing out a large amount of weeds in a field that has never been taken care of. With such a loss, illusory or not, there can be a kind of backlash that occurs. For a mind that has constantly built structures and rules for itself, perhaps it is to be expected; rather than face what may seem like a void, it builds another, ‘cleaner’ structure the self (or whatever) can cling to.

    It is a structure many may never pass.

    I can only understand that kind of activity to a point, as I can not go into the true operation of the mind of another. And since that activity does not occur within this organism for whatever reason, I can only touch it from a distance. But I love having the opportunity, through talks and so on, to come close to what another may be experiencing.

    ‘Seeing the illusion’ is just another superficial blanket, as long as the the living being stops, satisfied with what they have discovered. And when that discovery becomes the newest structure, LOOK OUT! 🙂

  2. Davidya

    Hi Takuin
    Very glad to hear from you. I’ve observed there can be a disruption shortly before awakening, when we realize we’re not who we thought we were. Or there can be some big emotional purification. Kind of depends on the individual history. Those with a history of transcendent experiences may flow through this more smoothly.

    Then there is the shift itself. So far, I’ve noticed 5 ways it can be experienced. Some seem opposite, yet its the same process coming about through different perspectives. Adyashanti suggests there is often a “honeymoon” period after the shift, followed by some attempt by the mind to return. I describe it as like the middle falls out (the ego), then there’s a bunch of “shrapnel” to process as you describe. The after processing can be much smoother with the detached observer, but may still be a trial. The “reality” challenges can show up in any area of life.

    I’ve found it helps a lot if people understand what’s going on. Fighting the process makes it rougher.

    I’ve just started Adya’s new book Falling into Grace. He quotes Jesus saying we should not stop seeking until we find. And when we find, we will be disturbed. And then we’ll be astonished.

    He also talks about the tendency to try to replace a bad story with a good story rather than no story. And its also true that any concepts we might offer can become a barrier themselves. But its easier to let go of a concept or 2 than it is to fight the process. 😉

    For myself, I came to it a little backward. My reality edifice was shattered long before the ego. I became very invested in the form of that unfolding. Ended up with an even bigger edifice. (laughs) That finally fell. I’ve found that each new transition leads to a new construct or story about what is real now and who “I” now seem to be. (laughs) And then that edifice collapses with further opening. After a few times of this, it became kind of amusing. What’s fundamental this week?

    My initial transition was not as thorough as yours was and I have a very strong mind. I’ve learned to just allow it to do its thing. But not take it so seriously. 😉

    Thanks for your thoughts. I trust Tokyo is smooth again.

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