One of the more important but curious aspects of life is opportunity. Sometimes we see it but let it slip by, like the beautiful woman who smiled back. Often times we don’t see it at all. Even when it lands right on our lap.

I was reminded of this by a brief story in the paper. Someone bought the winning $30 million dollar lottery ticket. But they voided it because the clerk gave them something different than they’d ask for.

Life changing events can be like that. I was once asked to volunteer several weekends in a city at some distance. I turned them down. But they asked again. That’s how I met my future wife and the mother of my now grown sons.

Often, we only see opportunity in retrospect. A turning point, seen in reflection. I’ve always found such forks in the road fascinating as we rarely realize what a turning point they are. When we do see opportunity, we have no real way of judging how good it is. We may even discount it or overestimate it. The important thing though is to give it a whirl, a chance. See what nature has up her sleeve.

Life has a map but we’re not often privy to it. If you can see the future a little or know someone who does, you may have a better idea of whats coming down the pipe. But the actual experience of it will remain a surprise.

We walk forward into the apparent unknown wishing our wishes and dreaming our dreams. What life serves up is often very different. And sometimes, better than we could ever have dreamed. Yeah!

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