What is Consciousness?

What is Consciousness?

In 2004, an unusual film was released called What the BLEEP do we Know? It was a series of interviews with various scientists and philosophers, told over a dramatic back-story. The theme was what modern physics might suggest about the nature of reality. It was one of those films that people loved or hated as it suggested our common view of the world was incomplete.

A year after the film was released, there was a conference in California where they reinterviewed the original speakers and added to the original production, creating a second 2.5 hr. edition – Down the Rabbit Hole. And then a 5 hr. Quantum edition.

In the below, they are reinterviewing Physicist John Hagelin in unedited footage. (John got  a standing ovation at the 2005 Bleep conference near Vancouver.)
They discuss:
– What is consciousness, and Unified Field Theory
– How knowledge of enlightenment is lost
– The Observer and Unity, more than one truth.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  1. Thank you, Davidya, for brining another wonderful source to my attention. You know it is amazing and sad, how on youtube John Hagelin’s videos have so few hits. Are there really so few people out there searching for answers? or are they searching in the wrong places? I will definitely link to this post from my blog.
    Thank you again,

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  3. Davidya

    Hi Elena
    Hagelin is quite well known in some circles. He was my physics prof back in the late ’70’s while he was at CERN. He talked like this even then, but is an even better speaker now. He later published one of the most cited papers on superstring theory.

    At one point, he ran for president of the US on a platform of bringing world peace through inner peace. The point was mainly to bring attention to the possibility.

    These days, he tours the world with filmmaker David Lynch and Donovan, encouraging young people to meditate. It’s a different generation growing up than the boomers who first took to eastern ideas. One highlight of the tours was the Change Begins Within concert last year that reunited the 2 remaining Beatles.

    I’ve always enjoyed his talks as he brings personal subjective experiences together with visionary science, then projects what is possible from that. He can be quite astonishing for an unexpecting audience.

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