The Medium is Consciousness

The Medium is Consciousness

I find it quite interesting how some articles will flow out completely differently than first intentions or original notes. For example, Fixing Negative Emotions was just going to be a compilation of some email correspondence. Something much different flowed out.

Marshall McLuhan famously said “the Medium is the Message“, referring to the medium used to distribute content. TV vs. newspaper, for example. If we look more deeply, we can see that consciousness is the medium. It is the sole medium of perception. It is that which does all looking.

Thus, it is those who read this article (your awareness or perception) that are the medium that causes the message. Consciousness draws it out of itself.

This means that future readers cause present writing. Physics calls this “backward causality”, the future influencing the present. There’s a variety of experiments that have explored this, even as mundanely as a professional batter being able to hit a ball accurately when the ball moves too fast for his body to react.

It’s actually a proof that there is only the present moment. Now or never.  😉

PS – we could also say the message causes the perceiver. But that’s a deeper rabbit hole. 😉

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    Good morning Davidya,
    I love that last insight about the message also causing the perceiver. YAY for deeper rabbit holes!
    In terms of Vedic cognition I wonder what this means. That both the seer and the seen create each other? Or that they together create the process of seeing and then dissolve into that? Or that in the process of cognition, the seen (object) somehow morphs into the seer (subject)?
    Shalice, from bottom of some dang rabbit hole

  2. Davidya

    (laughs) Always dangerous to mention the rabbit holes. 😉

    Vedic cognition is something deeper than this. Here, we’re just talking of the seer and seen. On one level, we could say the seer creates the seen and the seen the seer. One morphs into the other. On another level, the process of perception (devata) creates both seer and seen. And on another level, the seer and seen are one and the same so neither created the other. And on another level, there is no seer and seen, only the process of perception. The seer and seen are not created at all. There is only the flow of consciousness within itself, experienced as Self unfolding to Itself.

    Note however that in all this, all that’s changing is the perception. What is remains as it is. This also relates to our discussion on:

    When it is simply the flow, that’s when Vedas can be seen. One may have cognitions before this but perception of the Vedas is much deeper. It is perception of all cognitions.

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    Dangerous rabbit holes aside, thank you so much, D for discernments about different levels. Very beautiful and feels right tho brain hasn’t completely grokked. Also wonder if perception of Veda is more about BEING all that is which would include perceiving all cognitions.

  4. Davidya

    I would describe it that once one becomes the one, the cosmic being, then there is the opportunity to go even deeper and see the Veda. First experienced, then we become That and thus all cognitions, stored tidily by rishi, etc. as named in the texts.

    To say ‘Being all that is’ is tricky as one can have that experience far before this. Being one with the universe certainly feels like being all that is but there are quite a few deeper values than that.

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