Dawning Now

Dawning Now

From a discussion in another forum on the value of talking about a coming new age:

I agree that a focus on the future or on the past is missing the point. However a lot of people avoid the present as it’s so unpleasant. They don’t share your experience of it.

I agree there is a big new age theme going on around the subject. It’s probably almost an infection in some spiritual groups. But what I’m speaking of is not that. It is a message coming from both east and west. It is from direct observation.

And we’re not talking about perfection. Just the end of fear. Thus, the rising of peace and happiness. Simple things that will bring beauty and contentment to everyone, like you describe for yourself.

A few years ago, it was all just talk to me too. But since then, a great deal has happened. There is a greatly accelerated rate of awakenings going on and it’s speeding up. And now unity switches are becoming less rare. That is astonishing in itself, considering how many become realized and don’t get much further during their lives.

At first for me, it was some nebulous future, but it’s becoming increasingly clear it’s closer than I dreamed possible. Not next year, but in the near term. For example, some of those unity switchers are due for Vedic enlivenments within a couple of decades. The kind of thing that’s profoundly evolutionary and happens when the “air is clear” enough.

We can understand what is going on by looking at the contraction we’re coming out of. In that case, there was a rising of vague fear and paranoia in group consciousness. This was an unfamiliar experience in those times and made many very uncomfortable. The sense of separation arose and they began to blame. The first war in a very long time happened. Two civilizations of legend fell, a little like in the Bhagavad Gita. Only more so.

What we’re now seeing is the reverse of that trend. The roots of our separation are becoming conscious and being cleared. But in both cases, the process happens from the inside out.

This is why, while someone like Maharishi Mahesh Yogi may have announced the Age of Enlightenment is here, we see little outward evidence yet.

We can understand this best with local awakening. First, the Self awakens to Itself, then to the devata (the doers), then to the seen – the world. It is only in the flowering of this later stage that the world itself is fully enlivened with the light of love. When soma spills over at source, not just dribbles in the throat.

Same thing on the group scale. Self is stirred, memory awakened, and the drive to spirit increases. Awakening begins, and so forth.

I saw this exemplified on a recent retreat. There was a hard surface crust of resistance. But under that was a wide open clarity. In a short time, a deep intensity of alertness was built and profound experiences and development occurred. On much longer courses not so long ago, this would have been unheard of.

The New Age meme is that it will all happen on a certain day or very quickly. I disagree. It will take some time. But it is already well underway. Yogananda suggested it takes 12 years to fully integrate and “to rid the bodily kingdom of the usurpers.” It will take more for the group.  But it will accelerate. And groups are growing all over to help the process along. Core groups enlivening the Veda together, for example.

Another aspect I’ve seen & heard from several quarters – enough clearing has taken place that young more awake souls are showing up. The so-called Indigos. A couple of jyotish charts I’ve seen are astonishing. This will also speed it up.

But still, it will take generations for a complete shift, where children are born without fear.

I think it’s an important message, even if it is just a projection for most. It brings hope. A confidence to continue during what may be a bumpy transition. This may not speak to you. It won’t for many. But the soldiers of light are assembling. The bridge to Sri Lanka is being built*.

* from the story of the Ramayana

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  2. Kjetil Wedervang Mathiesen

    Hi David, this is so inspiring to read. Do you think it is still accelerating, now 14 years later? If so, we should soon be seeing more surface indications/signals? Is there a plan for establishing a big group of people in Unity or over, for example at Vancouver Island? 108 is the square root-number necessary (based on the square root of 10 000 sidhas together) if I understand your earlier writing correctly? The soma is definitely flowing inside here, in the throat and in the heart, accelerating gradually it seems. Oozing in.

    1. Hi Kjetil
      Yes, it’s continued. Stages beyond Brahman had largely been forgotten. Then they began appearing in a few long term awake. Then more. I was able to add them to my book. And now they’re happening in younger and younger people. Recently heard that one such woman is pregnant. The kind of soul that can qualify for a birth like that!

      It’s important to understand that such people are gradually embodying Divinity. This is more potent than well-embodied presence, so will speed things up more too.

      I knew there was potential for things to get bumpy in the transition but I didn’t expect it to be this much. (political craziness, a pandemic) Nor the depth of crud sill in the collective. But even this indicates purification.

  3. Kjetil Wedervang Mathiesen

    It seems there is a massive influence on the collective from everyone who has reached such stages? And a big group would multiply that influence immesurably, based on the square root-principle? I feel my own influence to go far beyond myself these days, like it has something like a melting effect om the environment around.

    What joy it must be both for the mother and the coming babysoul!

    I experience the transition to be more moderate than it could have been, seems like there is a massive collective consciousness-field that softens and stabilizes the purification (the pandemic, the wars, the political stuff and the rest)?

    Thanks for all your work and influence!

    1. Hi Kjetil
      Someone awake is the collective. This gets even more so in further stages. For example, in Unity, they are the collective in consciousness but also of the world (embodiment of that takes time). ParaBrahman brings embodying Divinity in form. This also serves to accelerate the evolution of nature as it’s being immersed in Divinity.

      Lorn once commented that 108 awake, sitting together, would be like the Superradiance number (square root) for the world. This reminds me that there are 7 deeply awake sages who sit as a group outside our universe, supporting it’s process.

      And yes, the purification is happening because we’re capable of it, there is a stable platform for processing it.

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