A Drop of Flash

A Drop of Flash

There is a rather distinctive experience that happens on the journey of awakening. A blinding white flash that obliterates all experience for a short time.

I’ve seen it described with waking, with the unity switch, shortly before waking or even long before it. In one case, twice during the leadup to awakening. Or not at all.

While we might write it off as just another bit of flash (flash is trash), it has the distinctive marker of being the opening to experiences of higher levels of reality.

I’ve only once ever heard it explained, in that case as a joining of the upper 2 chakras. Given it’s effect on experiences, this made sense.

However, I can now offer a more complete explanation. It may not make sense, but it is the actual mechanism. (laughs)

There is we could say a layer or value of existence called things like the cosmic body, Purusha, ParamAtma, the body of God or the son of God. It is the body that contains all bodies, the one body we all share, that which contains everything. The body we are “made in the image of.”

That body exists in a field of what some have described as an ocean of milk. A fluid sea of divinity called the divine mother. It is the flowing soma, amrit, the nectar of immortality, the fountain of youth.

One drop of that “milk” is the experience of the all-absorbing white flash that opens the door to divinity and takes our path into whole new dimensions. A moment of pure grace. This has the effect of conjoining the upper chakras as well.

When our journey later brings us to the cosmic body, we are able to support full immersion in that milk all the time.

As I have observed in prior posts, our body contains a subtle organ in the upper back of the throat that is enlivened by transcendence. It produces dribbles of soma, often experienced as golden or with a sweet taste. These small dribbles refine the nervous system to support more subtle experiences and draw the support of nature as soma is the “nectar of the gods.”

Imagine what is possible with an ocean.

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  1. Kjetil Wedervang Mathiesen

    Hi David, to me the taste of the substance in the back of the throat is like celestial honey, and it feels like it dribbles down like you describe. Also the same taste of the soma directly in the point in the heart.

    Haven´t had the flash. Maybe more of an oozing/gradual increase of the somaexperience.

    Great post, looking forward to the ocean.

    1. Hi Kjetil
      Later that year, I read the book Kundalini Vidya and learned of Makara. Essentially, its a point just above the third eye. When the kundalini reaches there, it can trigger a drop of Divinity (from that white ocean). Thereafter, the kundalini doesn’t go up and down but remains stable. As it’s above the point where the witness gets turn on, the witness is also continuous thereafter.

      Not everyone has a makara-type experience. It’s only a short distance from there to awakening, so some move right on past and don’t get the flashy experience. Some do pause at that point to clean things up more before awakening. That results in a clearer shift later in the cases I’ve known.

      While this is a drop of raw soma, the stuff we taste in the back of throat is refined. Not quite the same thing. Refined is smooother. Not harsh or flashy. 🙂

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