Only Full #2

Only Full #2

Back on Only Full, I spoke of how the experience of source as nothingness is simply a phase, a not yet complete experience. Science is coming to the same conclusion.

We tend to think of the material world as real, and the space between things as empty, missing material. However, the material world occurs when a boundary is created in space rather space arising between things. It’s better to think of things arising FROM space rather than within space.  The material aspect of space is just .000001% of it. Space itself arises from Self awareness*.  Put another way, the process of perception causes space and from space arises the material world.

Because we learn to perceive boundaries, we don’t perceive their cause. We’re mislead by the idea of “empty” space. To give you a sense of how wrong this idea is, we can look at the numbers physicists use.

The energy fluctuating in the space-time manifold (space) at the quantum (sub-atomic) level is 10^93rd** grams per cubic centimeter. (think 93 0’s after the 1)

If we put all the mass of the universe and squished it into a cubic centimeter, we would have 10^55th gm/cu cm, many (38) orders of magnitude less dense than the energy that exists all the time. In the space of the tip of your thumb, more energy exists than all the mass of the universe.

If you like visual cues, compare these two (one row won’t fit):
93rd (the energy in 1 cu cm):

55th (all matter):

Each ] is exponentially more.

In other words, space is full beyond imagination. And that’s only natural if it arises from Self awareness which itself is fullness.

Amusingly, scientists call this the “density of the vacuum” because they started with the idea it was empty. Also note how they’re similarly measuring energy with grams, a unit of mass. This becomes an issue when the language encourages incorrect concepts, like their persistence in describing quanta and forces as particles. Better to think of it as flow, movement.

* for there to be awareness of, there has to be a distance or space for observation. Space first occurs as a principle when awareness curves back on itself. It then manifests as perception begins.

** remember that each power of 10 is exponentially more

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  1. Ben

    I really appreciate this entry Davidya! I have been fascinated by space here lately. It seems very radiant and full to me and I am very glad to know this has been explored by scientists.

    Also, it was helpful to think of space as a place of observation or where “awareness of” can occur. There is some confusion of this I think in the sense that there are a few that are using awareness and space in the same way.

    What I am wondering is before space what is awareness or consciousness??? Or is it just potential for manifestation?

    Also, I love the fact that you point out that a boundary is created rather than space arising between things. Practically, speaking I think this is helpful as I try to create space between myself and something so I am not overwhelmed by it. So, I am pondering that instead of trying to create the space, just observe the boundary that is created in thought that desires the space and separation. I wonder about this…

    The other thing I have heard from some teachers is they will say their awakening was an opening (e.g., more spacious) rather than focusing and trying to control. In this case, I had to focus first on making this most important in my life and then the opening came on its own… by grace and it was spacious in the experience of it.

    I am throwing quite a bit in this space I think ;o))

    Thank you!

  2. Davidya

    Hi Ben!
    From one perspective, awareness and space are one and the same. Awareness is space and space is awareness. But then, the duality of ‘awareness of’ collapses and only awareness remains.

    This occurs when awareness recognizes itself in the “of”. Awareness looking upon objects of experience is deep enough to see the objects are That also. I am That, All This is That.

    Space and time arise from the process of experience. When the components of experience fall together, space and time roll up into That. What remains is everything. (laughs)

    It is difficult to describe what is beyond experiences. And yet all experiences are contained within That.

    What is before space? Awareness, intelligence, existence, love. “Before” that is pure awareness. Before that is lively alertness. Before that is silence. That contains all This.

    Awareness is the lively alertness of silence, Tao, Brahman, the nameless.

    Yes, this tendency to create space is the very tendency that leads to the idea of being separate. Observing this distinction means you are not the space or the separation. You are the observer.

    And yes, awakening is an opening or release, a surrender of the need to control. An allowing of what is to be as it is, just for a moment. This is often experienced as an expansion and a sense of freedom and infinity. Clearly, qualities of what we might call subtle space. That is the first step.

    The rolling up of space happens with Unity, when the 2 sides come together. Self realization brings internal unity but there remains that separation, an observer-observed relationship and thus space. This deepens into eventual unity.

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