Practical Oneness

Practical Oneness

Recently, I heard another talk by Constance Kellough. In this talk, she spoke of Oneness, a term exemplified by the heartfelt name of her company, Namaste Publishing.

She spoke of how karma was not retribution but a demonstration of Oneness. The feedback was redemptive, offering an intunement that activates the experience of oneness. [assuming we don’t fight the experience]

She gave the example of how music evokes an intunement in the audience. She spoke of Eckhart’s first major talk in California to a large audience. How there was a gradually increasing sense of presence. Eckhart was able to hold and thus share Oneness.

She suggested you look for evidence of oneness and journal about it. That you pray with the archangels and masters that you are one with. For example, Archangel Michael is part of you, exemplifying strength and confidence. (to put it mildly). Same with all your seen and unseen helpers.

Say Namaste to people and acknowledge it.

While I talk of Oneness on this blog regularly, her talk made clear that it has been mostly abstract, ‘how do I put this into words’ sort of thing. Much easier if you place it in the context of life itself.

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