What is the Illusion?

What is the Illusion?

Over on Soul Awakens, Kris raised an important point that needs to be recognized.

The illusion of self

The illusion of self is not that your existence is an illusion. The illusion is the idea you exist separately. An independent entity. There is a false identification with our experiences that obscures who we rally are. That is the illusion.

Because you are having experiences, you are conscious ergo you exist. This may remind you of Descartes famous quote. But there’s another way to put this. Because you are having experiences, you have been intended. You have an intention or purpose. This is known as the soul or jiva. The spark of divinity, the increment of wholeness.

A wave on the ocean is a better analogy. Part of the whole and never separate but differentiated to create variety. Consciousness creates for the unexpressed to know itself. That requires a movement into events that can be experienced. The infinite collapses into a point of attention, you.

In order to experience each aspect of expression, time arises. Time moves in cycles. We experience a series of ‘things’ then the chapter ends and we experience a new chapter in a new framework. We have an apparent linear series of lives. When the need to experience linearly begins to end, we can experience that all of these lives and experiences happened only in the moment. Essentially all at once. I tried to illustrate that a bit with the recent post All Life in the Moment.

As Progression explains, we are memory, reminding ourselves who we are. (laughs)
Earlier in the game, there may be a sense of Neti, neti. Not this, not this. But in the end, there is no exclusivity. There is nothing we are not. Nothing we do not remember.

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