All Life is in the Moment

All Life is in the Moment

At a certain point in our journey, we’ll begin to experience everything as being now. If we’ve had a very visual journey, we may experience time collapsing into the moment. The nodes of the mesh of our history becoming one point, all moving together. The series of “me”s from our past, all found to be one we. Then the we’s of all people found to be one cosmic person.

While each personality can continue to have distinct experiences, they are not separated by time. I suspect this may be where the images of gods with many arms or  heads may come from. All at once. Everything in relationship to the one.

Back on The Past, I used the second part of Norman Maclaren’s film Pas de Deux as a way of visualizing it. More artful perhaps, but it can give a sense of it with the interconnectivity.

Today I got a link to the Thousand-Hand Guan Yin dancers, all said to be deaf. It illustrates the idea in a similar way.

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