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In a discussion in another forum, a debate arose over reality – is it a void or a metaphysical fullness. I thought an overview might be in order…

For those of you who may wonder who here is speaking the “truth” or has the “right answer”, it’s worth observing how consciousness evolves and with it, our perception of the world.

There is any number of different ways of outlining the process, plus individual ways of experiencing it. Each of us will also shift at various times and in various circumstances. It is also non-linear, so can jump around. But in a broad way, we can see:

– physical – what is solid is real, survival of the fittest, us vs. them.
– emotional – what I experience and believe is real. On the down side, this is the home of drama and victim thinking.
– intellectual – what I understand and deduce is real, strong sense of person and self control. Home of the ego.
– intuitive – what I feel is the foundation of what is perceived, metaphysical is real. Refined perception.
– transcendent – what is beyond perception is real and the world arises from That.

Transcendent experience itself has several stages:
– a blank space in meditation or similar, punctuated by a wave of joy.
– a growing sense of inner emptiness or void, an unbounded space into which all arises. This is accompanied by the sense of witness or observer.
– a growing sense of the emptiness as fullness, richness beyond description, divine. The emptiness is fullness.
– the collapse of perception and joining of experiencer and experienced in Unity or Oneness.

Some of the transcendent development arises from the silence moving forward into the experience. Refined perception of the intuitive stage, for example, is part of the vehicle of the revealing of divinity. This can occur before the unfolding emptiness, during the growth of fullness and/or after unity. With the first, the person will tend to skip over the emptiness into fullness. With the last, the experience of void may be extended with a flatter period.

As the intellect is the key to the unity ‘switch’, that too is absorbed in Self. Thus, we can see there is an inward stroke, progressing down the list, where we connect with source and become that, then an outward stroke where source moves forward to absorb the world. Although it doesn’t really absorb the world as the world already is that. It is simply often experienced that way.

Net result – there is a series of “right answers” or what is true for you at any given time. The key to real growth is not what someone tells you is truth but looking to what is true for you.

Then, do not hold too firmly to that discovered truth as it will evolve as you do. If you are flexible and open, the path will unfold before you. If you are fixed, you will tend to go in circles or be pushed.

And remember, its about the journey, about what is real for you now. It’s not about some conceptual goal.

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