Falling Free

Falling Free

In her latest newsletter, Neelam said this:

“The world around us has been going through some deep, amazing and sometimes frightening changes. In times of challenge it is easy to move into extremes in our experience: extreme fear, extreme hope, extreme worry and to forget the simplicity of being present. As many of the structures that have defined our world are falling apart we may experience grief, loss, excitement, fear and uncertainty. It is a deeply challenging and cleansing process, one that has the potential to bring the collective to living closer to what really matters and to the truth of how things really are. Letting go of the past, as in any other time of letting go, may feel scary at first. But eventually, we find a new foundation of trust in the free fall which truly is the core, the essence, of all experience.”

She goes on, “It is often only in extreme times that we see the change that the world is constantly in. As the free-fall continues, we try to maintain the structures that give us a sense of stability, too afraid to give up what does not serve us anymore. We are grasping at what we know, hoping that we will not have to experience the fear of not knowing.”

“Can we really allow ourselves to know and experience that Presence is all there is, and that we are fully supported and taken care of already?”

Neelam studied with Sri Poonjaji, a student of Ramana Maharishi.

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