Choose Love

Choose Love

There is a simple principle to follow, whatever the choice in front of you.

Choose Love

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Whenever the choice seems challenging, ask what love would choose. Or choose what is love.
To do that means paying attention to how it feels.

Love is not an object or person. Love is not outside, it is within or everywhere. It is the flow.

If there is resistance, that’s not love. Look for where it is smooth, where the way opens, where the feeling value rises. That is the direction of love.

If there does not seem to be a way open, perhaps the resistance is to love itself. Then it’s time to look at the resistance. For example, fear is not love, so if you fear, see if love is behind it. Sometimes love is within what you fear. Sometimes staying and dealing with the issues you may have is real love.

Love doesn’t always mean stay. Sometimes leaving is more love, the opening. Love is what’s best for everyone.

To know the difference, you have to look deep into how it feels. Give yourself time to feel. Release the resistance. See through the feelings into love. Love holds the answer.

Sometimes love is ‘tough love’, the hard truth. Sometimes it is soft love, that soothes the savage beast.

Love is the expressive force, the uniting force, the celebration. What brings peace and happiness is love.

Don’t be confused by passion. Passion can be an expression of love but it can also mask the trap of attachment or craving. Real love is golden, gentle. Red is passion and desire.

Expectations are not love. That is the road to suffering. You must put expectations aside to feel love. Anything else is conditional.

To choose from love, you may first have to ask “where is the love?” What is love in this context? That may not be clear at first but knowing where the love is will lead you to the choice you need to make.

If you choose from love, there will never be a regret.


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  2. Uzma

    Beautiful. .
    Am stuck in a situation where I would love to stay for the sake of love , but am getting only pushed away.

    I can’t leave and it would be to leave a friend, and forgoing the love of a friend.

    Love and romance or love of a friend..

    you write of resistence. Can you elucidate..How does one know, and find resistence.

  3. Davidya

    Hi Uzma
    First thing I would suggest is that you get clear on what Love is. Love is not attachment or desire or need. Love just is, flowing. Full of compassion and allowing what is. Resistance is anything else. It is pushing against, it is unwillingness, it is should’s and musts and can’ts. More:

    The world is as you respond to it. This is not a statement of blame. There is no right or wrong here. Just a choice. You say you are stuck. Now I don’t know the situation but I can bet you have chosen to be stuck. There is no “for the sake of” with Love. Real love is not limited by proximity.

    Remember that its always mutual. What we see best in others is a mirror of ourselves. You see your resistance in them. The sacrifice of love is not love.

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