Anita’s Love

Anita’s Love

A friend sent me an interview with Anita Moorjani. This reflected beautifully on the recent theme of Value. Most of us have spiritual experiences as a result of a practice or circumstance. But occasionally, someone gets a glimpse of truth through dying, then coming back to tell about it. These are called NDE’s or Near Death Experiences. I’ve mentioned the Mellen-Thomas NDE here a few times. Anita’s is quite different. While in a coma with terminal cancer, she heard everything around her. When her body formally died, she apparently didn’t leave but instead felt a great deal. Her deceased father urged her to stay and fulfill her purpose. She said that her disease was the result of living in fear. She experienced her value and oneness and her fear was relieved by discovering she was love. She chose to return and her cancer was cleared in a few days.
Interview with Lilou Mace (about 47 min)

Here’s a few quotes I really enjoyed. I’ve paraphrased a bit.

Be yourself and allow, live life with abandon and the purpose of your life will unfold before you.
Don’t pursue it – it means you don’t think its yours.

When you find your centre, you can allow everything thats yours to come into your life.
When you know you are amazing and deserving then you know you just have to allow it.

Don’t try to suppress the ego or it will fight back. Just allow.

The most important take-away:
All of us, at our core, it’s who we are. We are love.
When you are totally being yourself, all you can be is love. So don’t be afraid to be who you are.

Anita Moorjani
Remember your magnificence.

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  1. Ben

    This is too cool Davidya and talk about timing! I love this stuff, and I really appreciate the summary as well. Resonates here quite a bit.

    I just recently read of Valarie Vener’s NDE experience. It is quite amazing the theme of “allowing” is so potent and important in both. Here is the link in Google books if you haven’t seen it.

    o.k. so this has come up 3 times in the last week, obviously its important.

    Deep Bow!

  2. Davidya

    Thanks, Ben. Will check it out. I’d heard of the book but have not seen it yet.

    And yes, allowing or surrender or letting go is such a key part of the process of awakening. If we’re holding on to a certain reality, how can another dawn? 😉

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