The Real Dream

The Real Dream

Cloud gate
photo by ancawonka
Cloud Gate sculpture – Chicago

Whats a real dream, you may ask? Look around. Thats a real dream, a dream that seems real. If you have followed my posts here, you may find it a little confusing. On the one hand I talk about Living the Dream. Then I turn around and say that dreams lead to expectations lead to suffering.

Perhaps the whole thing doesn’t make sense. Think about a form of dreaming you know. Don’t your dreams in the night seem real while you’re having them? Then when you wake up, they often seem silly. Even if they seemed life threatening inside the dream. Awakening up from the ‘real’ dream of the supposed waking state is the same way. Thats why they call it that. Awakening to our true nature wakes us from the dream of the individual.

It is the not knowing its a dream, being lost in the dream that is the source of suffering. As I spoke about, the dreams led to expectations. Expectations lead mostly to disappointment and blame. But if we know its a dream, we avoid the attachment to results. We take the oft-quoted phrase “this or something better”. We are not stuck with a specific outcome. We can simply be with what is.

Perhaps you’re not quite in that place yet. It seems awfully real, not a dream. Thats fine. You don’t have to believe this. But if you allow for the idea that you may be living in a kind of group dream, your approach will gradually change. The stories will shift, the expectations will fall, and gradually it will be less of a chore and burden.

When we step out of the dream, what we step into is who we really are. Peace and happiness. Then we see the dream as a field of play. Lila, they call it in the east. The illusion becomes a ladder of understanding.

Have fun. Dream big dreams, castles in the sky. But found it on earth in knowing who you are.

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