Eckhart on Oprah 9

Eckhart on Oprah 9

Finally had a chance to watch the 9th class of Eckhart on Oprah, this one on Purpose. Here are a few notes.

There is no substitute for finding your purpose. There are 2 purposes:
Outer Purpose: about the future, your work, etc. It is secondary.
Inner Purpose: to be here, now. Same for everyone, always fully with the present moment.

Fulfillment and satisfaction are only found now. Be totally doing it, what you are doing right now. This one step, give it your best. Then the next moment comes at its best. There is always only this one step, the destination (future) is secondary. The end and the means are one. The result carries the energy it took to get there.

It is not about what you do but what you are. When inner purpose is in place, outer purpose follows, comes into alignment. When you align with inner purpose, everything flows. Against the flow is suffering, life seems hostile.

From inner purpose, thinking becomes the servant, mind becomes a useful tool.
The light of God flows through you. Not what you do but how you do it. Even seemingly insignificant work can change the consciousness of the world.

Your purpose does not come out of your head. You can’t figure it out. It comes from silence, or it comes from life. Its a feeling. [mine showed up from the outside and it was immediately obvious that it had been there all along in the seeming random pattern of my life]

Eckhart and Oprah high 5 at the end of 8

Awakening is in the separation of thinking and awareness. The present moment is sacred. It is the intention, the consciousness that flows into what you do. The evolutionary impulse of the universe is the growth of consciousness. [evolution = growth and development if you have trouble with the word]

Serendipity shows up when we are in alignment with purpose. Be true to the small moments, then everything is fueled by Being.

#10, the last show will be 2 hours. Oprah mentions they plan to continue the Monday series with other spiritual teachers from her XM Radio show.


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  1. Great article. Thank you.
    You summarized so beautifully: “Awakening is in the separation of thinking and awareness. The present moment is sacred. It is the intention, the consciousness that flows into what you do. The evolutionary impulse of the universe is the growth of consciousness. [evolution = growth and development if you have trouble with the word]”
    Can I quote you?

  2. Davidya

    Hi Elena
    Those are from my notes of the show, essentially paraphrasing what Eckhart was saying. Close but not exact quotes. The [] are my comments. If you’d like to quote, just refer to them as notes on Eckhart or some such. A link back would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the feedback. Amazing to consider this is almost 2 years ago. I wrote several articles on the series at the time. The first outlines how to download them, assuming the links are still available.

  3. Davidya

    As a followup, here are the Eckhart links. Most interesting to me were 8, 9 (this one), and 10 so these have the most notes.

    The bottom 2 have download info and the episode list. There was also a 3 part earlier one on Power of Now broadcast after, the top link.
    (Power of Now) (7th) (6th)
    (download link)

  4. Thank you David. I do actually have your blog on my Blogroll. And as always if I use any of your stuff I will most definitely link it back.

    I am actually stunned, as you are absolutely right – I am looking at the dates above, and it was in fact 2 years ago…
    That Oprah/Eckhard series started it all for me, a regular dedicated spiritual practice and journey. Well, I am pleased to admit that I am still with it! Thank you for the reminder.

  5. Davidya

    Hi Elena
    Thanks for the inclusion in your blogroll.
    Yes, time can zoom by. I recently had the 35th anniversary of the beginning of my intentional spiritual journey. It was dominant in my life for awhile, then shifted more to the background – ongoing but not so central. About 5 years ago it shifted back into the foreground again. What had been long cultured then blossomed forth. It’s been a remarkable journey.

    Keep going, the rewards are immense. 😉

  6. Hi Davidya,
    Congratulations on your 35th. I am just at the beginning of my spiritual path and I must say your blog is just what I need.
    I started my blog to be able to reflect on my experiences as I practice and grow spiritually. It helps me to sit down every day and to think, summarize, write about what I have read, thought, felt(and I hate writing by hand). My husband is the only person who understands what I am doing, so I really have no feedback/support other than him. And he is actually much more aware and present than I, but he is also extremely busy. So having access to sources like in2deep is great help.
    You write from a much higher perspective, understanding and you write beautifully. From where I am, it sure looks like you have awakened to your life’s purpose – after all, isn’t that what it is all about, getting there and then showing others the way! taking as many people with you as you can?!
    With Gratitude,

  7. Davidya

    Hi Elena
    Thanks. Those that come before us help to pave the way, like Eckhart and Adyashanti. This makes it smoother and sometimes faster.
    Yes, blogging can be a great way of bringing it together. Giving voice to what is growing within. You’ll find other blogs of similar voice out there, but varying approach. I’ve joined the discussions on a few of my favorites. That has brought some quality readers to my blog too. Blogging can be a community of voices. That’s when it’s most interesting.
    Thanks. Yes, I know why I’m here, but the form that takes evolves over time. Life remains full of surprises. I would not say I’m “there” – life is after all a journey, not a destination. But yes, I have appreciated how others have helped me find my way and thus share some bits from my own journey.
    Thanks for the feedback though. It’s nice to know who’s listening.

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