William A. Tiller, Ph.D.
[Professor Emeritus of Materials Science, Stanford University]

            Psychoenergetic science is traditional science expanded to incorporate human consciousness as a significant experimental variable. This is because today’s quantum mechanical paradigm, as it is presently formalized, is totally incapable of dealing with any psychoenergetic process and humans are all about such processes.
From our past 10 years of psychoenergetic science research, the items relevant to this lecture are the following:

1.      Most importantly, we have discovered that there are two unique levels of physical reality, not just the electric atom/molecule level that we see around us and that our traditional instruments can detect and measure. This new level is comprised of magnetic substance, which functions in the physical vacuum, and is malleable to human intentions. These two uniquely different kinds of substance seem to interpenetrate each other but, under normal conditions, do not interact with each other. We label this the uncoupled state. In this state, the magnetic, vacuum level substance is invisible to us and to our traditional measuring instruments.
Via the use of a special, intention-host device (see below) to “condition” the experimental space, these two kinds of substance can be caused to interact. We label this interactive state the coupled state of physical reality. In this coupled state, our traditional measurements can partially detect this vacuum level of physical reality. In equation form, for the coupled state, a property measurement whose total magnitude is QM is expressed as

QM(t) = Qe + ?eff(t)Qm.

Here, t is time, Qe is the value from the electric atom/molecule level of physical reality, Qm is the value from the magnetic, vacuum level of physical reality and ?eff is the coupling coefficient (0= ?eff =1) due to the intention-host device that conditions the space. Thus, QM can be greater than, equal to or less than Qe depending upon both the magnitude and sign of ?eff.

2.      We have discovered a process for imprinting a specific intention into a simple electronic device host. We do this from a deep meditative state utilizing the attributes of our minds and emotions to program the electronic circuitry. Turning such a device on in a specific space (a) lifts the electromagnetic symmetry state of the space to a significantly higher level so that coupling occurs between the two unique kinds of substance and (2) tunes that space to produce a particular property measurement change in the above equation.

3.      We have been able to show that the human acupuncture meridian/chakra system is already in the coupled state of physical reality. Thus, an individual’s sustained, directed intention can increase their own body’s value of ?eff in the above equation and thus change the local reality plus the properties of materials both within and outside their body.

4.      If a space is in the coupled state, then all the equipment therein is in the coupled state and ?eff is of significant magnitude; thus all parts of the experimental system are information entangled with each other (both local and non-local parts). This means that, in a typical medical, double-blind, placebo experiment the vacuum level aspect of the supposedly inert placebo is, in fact, coupled to both the treatment and the doctors involved and does not behave in an inert way. Likewise, humans with digital cameras can either unconsciously or consciously intend to capture images of “orbs” and, via their own biofields, lift the symmetry state of both the camera and the local space to the coupled state of physical reality and potentially photograph “beings” form beyond the electric atom/molecule level of physical reality! Indeed, orbs are psychoenergetic phenomena!

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  1. I’m beginning to think you follow every single teacher I do! I heard Dr. Tiller speak at a New Thought convention, and he is prominently featured in energy therapy training videos I’ve used. His examples of orb photography–sometimes with the lenscap still on!–are awesome to behold. Thanks for the reminder to check in with his site again.

  2. David

    We had an interesting discussion on the structure of existence. He has been working for many years to bridge physics and consciousness, using the terminology of science to define the details of subtle values. He has an older version of the Tiller Model on his web site. It has some similarities to Bucky Fuller’s Synergetics, a study of the geometry of thinking.

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