“Allow conditioning to be present
in the spaciousness of being.
To struggle with it, is a habit of past.

The opportunity is wherever you are.
A constant opportunity to be present,
to be deeply aligned with what is.”


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2 Responses to Present

  1. karmarider says:

    The giving up of the effort of desperately looking out for conditioning was a critical step. In the absence of effort, everything is allowed very naturally and lovingly in the vastness.

  2. Davidya says:

    Hi Karmarider
    Yes, first there is the willingness to see what’s there. To see the conditioning and resistance.
    Then there is the willingness to let it be, to be OK with it. That can be challenging. (laughs)

    Allowing what is is very powerful. In that space, what is not falls away and what is true becomes clearer. It can be surprising what falls away and what stays.

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