Kristin Kirk on Surrendering and our Heart

After the SAND conference, Kristin Kirk gave a talk in Berkley, CA called Surrendering and Embodying the Awakened Ecstatic Heart. This is a good one to share.

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A few notes:
Meeting in the heart, common to all. Even if we have a different viewpoint, we are still the same love. Then we can be open to communicate, to bridge.

Bring within – food cravings? Is it reactionary or supportive movement?

Currently a massive infusion of light in through our systems, cultures, and earth.
Light comes in and starts to show the shadows.

The more we anchor that in ourselves, the more we’re translucent to that light.
[then] We are walking source-light.

Requires a willingness to meet shadows.

One consciousness so as we open, each of us amplifies that. Starts to change the whole playground.
We are vehicles to experience our uniqueness through.

Healing the land, create shifts. You’re not at the mercy of your environment.

Are you irritated or loving? Each nanosecond is an opportunity to do something different.
Let go, let go, let go.

Always going to find purity at the core. Don’t have to hunt for it. Keep attention on what’s true and pure, that which isn’t is going to reveal itself. The shadows bring themselves forward.

Shadows are just some misunderstanding, confusion. Recognize them with the innocence that’s in there, makes it easier.

Accountability. Comes as a part of consciousness evolving itself. No judgment.

Value in a series of experiences to deeply explore something.

If you are the arising of all existence, how could you be not worthy? How could you not be enough?
You are love, how can you not be lovable? All the stories break down in truth.

The main story, then the story that you’re running the story. Mute those storylines with innocence.
Something comes up – oh, got something cooking.

The whole creation is rigged – for enlightenment, for joy, for ecstatic evolution. Then it’s OK when our foibles come up.

The gift of the shoes.

Huge range of impacts.

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4 Responses to Kristin Kirk on Surrendering and our Heart

  1. Deborah says:

    I found this so valuable, and one I will revisit….so much in it about our humanness, and the layers that bubble up one after another, to be seen, known, and let go of.

  2. John says:

    I, like Deborah, will be returning to this. So rich. So helpful in a practical sense, and yet, it feels like an embrace.
    Thanks for posting this!!

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