Blue featherA few Updates:

Many of you have reported my posts going to spam. Usually this is because someone has been marking them as spam rather than unsubscribing. However, it turned out my email subscription service had upgraded their domain verification system and hadn’t notified me. This is now addressed.

Treatment recovery continues. Clarity and insights are back. Now it’s about healing physical issues. This is going well, but it’s become clear recovery will continue well into next year.

My work with Malika continues and is opening up new arenas and skills I had not expected. I touch on some of what I’m learning in articles.

I’m setting up a new service through the blog. I’ll announce that soon.

Over 2,200 articles are on the blog now.


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  1. Kerri Heffernan

    Yesterday, I was thinking I hadn’t heard from you in a long time. Great to see this one come through. Not sure what’s going on with you – sorry to hear. I know you had some issues prior. Always sending my love to you dear Davidya.

  2. Carol

    Thank goodness this is cleared up and clearing up…meaning the blog/junk folder issue and more importantly, your well being on all levels. Yes, sweet children can offer openings to our hearts that we did not expect.

  3. Aliyah McCarroll

    Hello dear David, thank you for your continuous service to informing us on this Path of Unknowing and Knowing. And for sharing your personal illuminations and karmic arisings. Your periodic emails are a blessing I have received through your emails over the years. Be well my friend. With love and bow down gratitude .. Aliyah (formerly Jane)

  4. Bob

    Hello David,
    I’m so glad to hear that you are recovering. Your posts are so informative and I take much inspiration from them.
    I’m very grateful to you for sharing your experiences.

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