On Money

On Money

Lakshmi by Thejas Panarkandy
Lakshmi by Thejas Panarkandy

Money can be a rather vexing arena. For example, the saying “money is the root of all evil.” Demonizing money is very unhelpful. I would argue that money is not the problem, it’s greed and our attachments. These are driven by fear due to not knowing who we really are. When we settle into our infinite nature, much of that neediness falls away.

However, there can still be unrecognized habits of thinking that impede what Lynne Twist called sufficiency. The message of “there is not enough” is very pervasive in our culture. We’re told we have to take what’s rightfully ours to “get ahead” of others. This also can drift into problems of entitlement and us vs. them.

Similarly, the pervasive idea that money and spirituality are incompatible. This comes out of the dark age. If we think like the above, they’re not. But money itself is pure. It is our approach that pollutes it. As Lynne said, it’s better to see that “money is like water.”

It flows when it moves. Sharing it spreads it around. What you feed with your attention, and currency, grows stronger.

“Money is a flowing current like any other energy. It’s a wave meant to be caught by you through your own Source within. What allows you to catch this wave? Discovering who you truly are. Temporary wealth comes and goes. Real wealth is through realizing who you are. The Universe pays you in infinite amounts if you’re willing to realize who you truly are. What happens is you become one with that Source within you and your inherent wealth is unlocked on its own.” – Malika, recent newsletter

In traditional Indian philosophy, there are four aims in life:
Dharma: those actions which sustain life (work, family, etc.)
Artha: Wealth
Kama: the fulfilment of desires
Moksha: spiritual liberation

Building wealth is a natural part of life. Liberation requires the fulfilment of desires. Otherwise, they drive us back into further lifetimes. Desires require means. And means come through dharma. The poor seeker is often ungrounded and not bringing their inner development out into the world. Without means, we can’t attend classes and retreats for our spiritual development.

Culturing gratitude really helps. We can develop a habit of complaining about our problems. Because we’re feeding it, that’s what our life will grow more of. If we instead culture gratitude for what we have, we can shift our entire energetic tone and make us more receptive to what the universe offers. Means can flow.

We make money by fulfilling others’ needs. As Buckminster Fuller said, “everyone has the perfect gift to give the world – and if each of us is freed up to give the gift that is uniquely ours to give, the world will be in total harmony.”

“Money is a very happy energy innately and loves to go where it is celebrated, loved, enjoyed, etc. It encourages you to think about how you can better your experience with money and see it as a part of God coming in.” – Malika

Like all things, money is a deva, giving us experiences. Malika encourages us to have a conversation with money, to develop a relationship with it. I don’t mean begging for money; no one likes friends like that. But expressing our joy and gratitude for what we have. This will encourage flow and growth.


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  1. George Robinson

    Probably the most comprehensive, balanced, and useful treatise on money that I ever ran across in my nearly 70 years is contained in the 4-CD set called “Lead the Field,” by the late Earl Nightingale. He tracks with the letter and spirit of what you and Malika say here, but goes into great depth for a lasting understanding. Highly recommend the whole set, but especially the part on Money. You will not be disappointed.

  2. Carla

    Thank you David. This is great. Back in the ‘90’s Marianne Williamson used to have powerful cd’s on money and abundance. One thing she said was when you look at your cheque don’t see your name on the cheque but visualize God’s name. It’s not your money it’s God’s money and you are to do with it what he wishes.
    I see Lead The Field by Earl Nightingale is on both Spotify and YouTube too.
    Thanks so much David. Hopefully I’ll see you online soon.

    1. Hi Carla
      🙂 Right – trying to hold onto it due to fear doesn’t lead to good results. Certainly savings are valuable, but what is driving our spending? Do you rely on credit cards, effectively living in the future financially? Is your income ruled by debt? It’s much easier to be in the flow when our past isn’t ruling the present. That’s true with money too.

  3. Bojan Vranić

    Hi David.
    I suspect in higher ages, especialy in the Golden age, money does not exist. Our basic needs are met, people have no wishes to compensate for from unresolved traumas, and our True nature is known. As you’ve said few times, about you remembering past Golden age, people live in small communities in lush areas in the nature. They have siddhis and, if necessery, high tech etc. so there is no need for money.
    I suspect money is one of the simptoms of growing egoism and a loss of the Self.

    1. Hi Bojan
      Right, money isn’t needed in higher ages. People do what they’re good at and share. Everyone enjoys. Like the devas, we know what our role is.

      But no, that’s not a good way to frame money. Money is a medium of exchange to facilitate commerce. It has an agreed value and we use it to get what we want and need. It naturally flows. And it naturally arises when we start living in cities and a sharing economy falters.

      The difficulties arise when we’re not in the flow and we don’t experience money in happy ways. Then the ego wanting more and mine gets involved. Fear, hoarding, craving what we don’t have, and more arise, corrupting the process. So ego corrupts but doesn’t create.

  4. From a discussion in another forum:
    Money often becomes one of the tests for your trust in natures support. The deeper your trust, the easier it flows.

    It can also be a marker that you’re going in the right direction, as the means are arising. However, the means can tend to arise at the last minute, pushing the trust above.

    But with experience, we step into trust and feel supported. We also recognize the indicators of karma that can change the flow.

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