The Counterpoint

The Counterpoint

Counterpoint by John Hritz
Counterpoint by John Hritz

Over the years, I’ve heard references to twin flames, twin souls, soul mates, and similar. A lot of it seemed fantasy. We’re all in this together – why would we need a twin? Isn’t a compatible life partner enough?

However, on a recent retreat, I saw that souls have a counterpoint to balance laws of nature. This is especially true for someone with a powerful ability. Nature needs a counterpoint to balance that energy.

This counterpoint isn’t an opposite but a harmonious balance. For example, in music, the counterpoint is “The technique of combining two or more melodic lines in such a way that they establish a harmonic relationship while retaining their linear individuality.”

Often, our relationships will revolve around resolving karma or the need of the time. We’re unlikely to meet our counterpoint unless a lot of our backlog has been cleared.

It’s not necessary to meet them. They simply exist in nature to keep the balance. But they may play a role in the fulfilment of dharma. We’ll see.

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  1. Richard Barnes

    Perhaps in the same sense everyone we meet, every event, is our Guru–there is something there to balance our own idiosyncracies and to act as a mirror or a sounding board. When we are open to the response from the environment to our own words and actions, then we have a way to see ourselves (a notoriously difficult thing to do). Of course this is easy and fruitful if we have transcended our condition in meditation to some extent and are therefore in a position to take advantage of everything outside to facilitate the growth inside.

    1. Good point, Richard. While there may be just one who is our counterpoint, everyone can have a role in our growth. If we experience the world as intentional, every event and relationship has a role and can teach us. In that sense, they bring balance to the various arenas of our life.

      1. Richard Barnes

        I figured there must be a self-referral kind of counterpoint to explain the self-sufficiency of the recluse (I have been on Purusha since it began)–being in a relationship directly with God/Self (which can include everyone or be seen as all in one)

        1. Hi Richard
          As we can be a recluse in one life and householder in another, that doesn’t affect the presence of a counterpoint. The counterpoint is long-term, beyond that. However, as a recluse, we would not be seeking a relationship. We’d also be much less likely to meet them if we’re living away from society.

          As I mentioned, it’s not necessary to meet them, only that they exist to maintain dharma (sustain the universe).

  2. Sharon

    There comes a time when, perhaps through Grace, everyone and everything becomes the Dearest, the Beloved. Maybe the Counterpoint too. (-:

    Wishing everyone Love on the level of dharma…

    1. This is true, Sharon. We tend to favour specific beings to focus our love, but yes, when the higher heart opens, love becomes universal. We can love even those we find difficult. Love goes deeper than emotions so we can love while also feeling angry, sad, or whatever.

  3. scott

    I have a similar view to you David. Counterpoint is a good metaphor. Nature finding balance too. I’m sure karmic tendencies, resonance and perhaps past life connections add to the recipe as well. None of that is unfamiliar to me. I think it can be helpful to mention that it’s also possible to experience female/male relationships from a completely opposite perspective as well, in a more transcendental way, where there seems to just be the general principles of feminine and masculine at play. Things don’t seem quite as personal or unique at that level; Zooming out beyond all the particulars of personality, likes/dislikes and coarser appearances to a more fundamental feminine/ masculine level, I’ve often had the impression that the women I’ve known share a deep homogenous quality, almost like it’s the same person in a way. There are of course still variations but like in music the running theme can always recognized.

    1. Hi Scott
      Karma and past life stuff tends to play out with the related souls. I’ve spent time with my counterpoint but not for a very long time. I think it requires higher consciousness and/or a higher age so we don’t disrupt the balance when coming together. The resonance would tend to cause heavy purification too. (laughs)

      I know what you mean. Women carry an inner light and beauty, reflected from the Divine feminine. Mother is at home, even if they’re not aware of it.

        1. By balance, I mean the collective balance in nature. By resonance, I mean the sense of sync and connection between 2 people.

          In Jyotish, they compare the harmony of 2 peoples moons. You want the number high enough for it to be beneficial but not too high or there isn’t enough contrast in the relationship. It would be boring.

          With resonance, too high would be too intense.

          1. Richard Barnes

            Boring is a result of too much object referral. As the Self becomes the primary focus (inward/subjective) then everything is ever-fresh (and our long-time spouse is more and more appreciated, more interesting). So being very compatible Jyotish-wise will not be ‘boring’ as both are approaching the same fullness of life. When we are full in ourselves then compatibility is a great boon because it allows both partners to always say yes without feeling I am agreeing to something not to my liking. Couples who are not so compatible will find it harder to always say yes and harder to sacrifice their own desire in favour of theirs–and this is usually the seed of friction..

            1. Hi Richard
              You make good points. I was noting what’s been said on the topic. I once dated someone with a very high kundali and it was like dating my sister. Not boring but not attractive either. Contrast adds a little spice, but as you note, too much and there’s difficulties.

              1. Richard Barnes

                Nice–contrast from others is good for seeing ourselves I think and not incompatible, just different–it adds to the variety (spice) of life. Now I see what you meant. One reason I stayed single was because the girls I was attracted to were the ones I could see would be ‘difficult’ and I suspected my motives were to conquer them rather than nourish them and accept them as they are. Could I give them what they wanted or only what I wanted?

                1. Hi Richard
                  Yes, relationships can certainly be a mirror, of our qualities and shadow. (laughs) I have a friend who likes “high maintenance” women. I’ve not met his latest yet. One in particular was quite remarkable but she sadly passed.

                  Giving another what they want is tricky territory. Do they know what they want, and how to ask for it? And is what they want healthy for them? As you note, so often we end up seeking what we want instead. They may get what they want secondarily, until we change and leave them hanging. Then the blame starts, with neither side understanding what’s actually going on…

  4. Michael

    Hi David!

    My experience with my twin is also related to the soul group. It is a little similar to a human family….the closer the vibration, the deeper the connection.

    Twin is the same pattern (soul) in a different person usually the opposite gender.
    That is to help balance but ultimately to learn to merge yin and yang fully within ourselves (thereby clearing the karma that stops that from happening)

    We usually feel much more deeply understood by our soul family than by souls outside of our soul group.
    With the twin this is further heightened.

    How exactly we experience a twin soul meeting deepens on our level of awakening and of the overall balance reached within ourselves.
    But is most often deep in its magnitude and beyond usual physical attraction.

    1. Hi Michael
      I found that close souls with whom we have lots of karma can really capture us. 🙂

      And I fully agree on the merging of Yin and Yang. I implied that in the closing sentence but it’s not yet been experienced.

      However, I disagree they’re the same pattern or soul. The souls may be activated together, like twins, but are distinct. And their pattern is similar and harmonious but not the same (hence counterpoint).

      This came up because I’ve met mine on the soul level. We’ll see if we actually meet. Life is full of surprises.

  5. Namaste Davidya

    Thank you so much for writing about this topic. I first encountered the ‘twin flame’ term after the dissolution of a karmic relationship back in 2016 – before I began TM (the ‘jiggling’ of self at it’s end and subsequent ‘awakening’ moment was the catalyst to point me towards meditation) – but because I had no framework for the depth and cosmic connection I felt in that relationship at the time, I became a bit obsessed with the idea & concept of ‘twin flame’ as a means of understanding what I went through. Needless to say, this caused what felt like more ‘work’ for me to do in the long run in terms of purification, but having met my counterpoint last year through a friendship, and experiencing it’s recent karmic dissolution (the resonance was quite high), it seems I’ve been given the opportunity to resolve the conceptual ‘twin flame’ trauma once and for all. Hearing about it from your perspective has been a great help in understanding the nature of both relationships in a more holistic perspective, and just wanted to share my appreciation and gratitude. Many thanks!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Jenifer.

      It’s unfortunate karma tends to rule so many relationships, but at least it’s an opportunity to resolve some history and clean things up. Relationships in a higher age are much fuller and directly supportive, and we are moving in that direction…

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