Victory! by Marcela
Victory! by Marcela

There are layers to experiencing a sense of invincibility.

Many of us go through a phase in our teens where we feel indestructible and can take crazy chances. I can recall sitting on top of a car going over a large bridge at speed to “get the (film) shot”. No harness, just the driver asked not to stop suddenly. Or messing at close range with modified flares to get effects. (Film-making was an early passion.)

Next up is when we become clearly aware of our deeper nature and experience its unchanging quality: indestructible, eternal being. We come to feel indestructible within.

As we purify, we gain what is called the kavach or shield, an experience of being protected by nature. Some call this invincibility and indeed, we can experience deep protection. We remain subject to sprouted karma unfolding, but even in that, we can feel diverted from worse results.

Later, the higher octave heart opens up and we experience a tender but indestructible, universal, unconditional love. Often, we first experience fear of opening and being hurt. As Brené Brown observes, courage and vulnerability are key. That’s much easier if we feel an inner foundation. Then we can open to higher love.

The highest form of invincibility is physical. This arises late in embodiment after we master the elements and can “harden” the body. The text describes becoming as hard as diamonds, an indestructible form.

However, this is still extremely rare in the current time. It would require exceptional purity and vision in our current collective.

But meantime, we can enjoy a deeper and deeper stability through our connection to source.

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  1. George Robinson

    Had to chuckle at all the potentially tragic stunts I pulled in the past. Given their number and capacity for bad boogie, I became convinced that there was some sort of protection going on, and this was in early years up through high school. Anyway, thanks for the smiles.

    1. I can relate, George. Some of the stunts are on film too, so I’m reminded of things I’d forgotten. Surprised we weren’t arrested either. Formed an acid rock band and was the drummer, so I sat between the speakers. Amazing I still have my hearing. 🙂

  2. K

    There are various powerful prayers (stotras) in the Hindu tradition called “Kavach” addressed to different deities. I guess if said with intent and sincereity, they will purify various aspects within us and thereby increase our internal shield.

  3. Leroy

    Many of us surely have stories of “risky” things we did in our youth. As we find ourselves both locally and universally I feel that feelings of invincibility do change over time as we “grow”. From what we may feel is physical as a child where we take more physical chances to more internal as we grow. As we mature childish truths no longer apply as I think you are mentioning above. Not being studied on the various traditions and terminologies that are covered in your writings(this journey) I find the same results in my own growth. As I have come to it now, there is not anything that can hurt me internally compared to my insecure youth. This has turn into somewhat physically the more I grow. Sometimes we just “know” certain things cannot hurt us. In my case its in fighting sickness. Things like covid or the other strains of things going around. My body just doesn’t perceive them thus cant be affected. May sound silly. It relates to me with the entry you wrote and referenced above, karma. Perception plays a big part in things. As you mention that our truth’s can change in a sense based on where we are at in our development. Hence our perspective or perception changes and we allow truths to be as such. (for the most part) The karma that we burn off clears us of the current perspective allowing us to see(perceive) the next. I feel that once we have burnt all the seeds of the past, and we have ceased to be spreading more seeds, then we are living out life finishing the fruit that is sprouted. In this sense, this perception that hinders us from spreading more seeds can “protect” us from the local(physical body’s) harm.

    This reply totally took a turn and I feel that what you have said is truth and my ramblings above are my best attempt and explaining my truth as I have… well, learned it? Perceive it?

    1. Right, Leroy
      As we mature, our development turns progressively inward and then shifts from personal to post-personal. (Went over this process in my first SAND talk in 2015.)

      When we have that inner confidence, we worry little about outer influences. (Maharishi called it “mother is at home.”)

      And yes, our perspective influences how we perceive what happens and thus how we respond. It has a cascading influence. It’s one of the big advantages of awakening when we have that inner solidity and no longer take anything personally. But we can grow toward that in steps.

      Agreed on the seeds. Another way of saying cascading influence. You have good insight.

      Now, I will mention that people can equally go through a phase when they become more sensitive and have to avoid negativity or whatever for a bit. But as we go deeper and ground what has opened, that should settle out and shift more toward being untouched.

  4. Sasanka

    ‘Hard like diamonds’ – sounds amazing. This would make such people ‘jedis’ essentially. There are a few people who could desperately do with that now – the oppressed classes, those who stand up for what’s right, victims of bullying /abuse etc. But they’re usually extremely fragile and dare not stand up for themselves. If anyone does indeed have such power, aren’t they obligated to do good in the world? This is beginning to sound like a Marvel movie plot…

    1. Right, Sasanka. Real life isn’t a movie.
      The key is restoring balance rather than overthrowing the oppressors. The latter can be part of the process, as the Bhagavad Gita illustrates. But destruction is often not the way to peace and sufficiency.

      Often, the oppressed are playing a role, experiencing being oppressed after a prior life as an oppressor. Of course, that’s a simplification. Yet one can find a relief from suffering when we’re able to see what’s driving the bus. Or we’re able to step back from the role and witness.

      Certainly, providing food and shelter to the impoverished is good. But I’ve seen how millions can be poured into an impoverished neighborhood and little changes. This is because the balance hasn’t changed, nor have the impoverished. They have to be willing to change to climb out of the role.

      It is true that with power comes responsibility. Most are doing that work through the “laundromat”, working collectively and within to purify the path and help everyone see better. I also see some stepping up, but it’s generally done very quietly and directly.

      When we see hardship, we have to be very careful not to make things worse. And to take the high road. It’s very easy for such circumstances to trigger our own traumas and cause acting out. This fans the flames.

      When love and compassion become drivers, we know we’re ready to make a difference.

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