A Conversation on Devotion

A Conversation on Devotion

Andrew Hewson and I discussed devotion this month. We opened with a definition of devotion, as distinct from belief. Devotion as a surrender, a non-doing allowing that sprouts naturally. (My opening statements were a little too black and white & based on my experience alone. I adjusted as we progressed.)

Topics included: Breaking open the heart, before and after awakening. Personal and impersonal. The importance of healing in this process. The progressive opening to the Divine. Cautions. The awakening of faith. Suffering and happiness. Follow the bliss. Teacher relationship issues. Taking shelter. Support of the sages. Non-dual devotion. Devotional relationship.

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  1. Aaron

    Lovely, engaging conversation about devotion. I really appreciate you two speaking seriously about devotion’s role in the unfoldment of consciousness and beyond. As per usual, I came upon this video at the precise time I needed to hear it! Relevant to what is going on here currently as there has been a recent, new sensation of stirring in the heart that was never noticed before. Thank you so much.

    1. Beautiful, Aaron.
      Don’t be surprised if there’s some fireworks. Not always, but the higher value heart opening can be quite the experience. I can recall feeling like there was a giant fire hose pouring out through the chest. 😉

    1. Hi Ruby
      It varies a little what’s going on in this arena, but largely, they’re allowing their body to be taken over by an astral entity. Some are conscious in this process but many are not. This has a number of issues, like what is the motivation of the entity, it’s quite hard on the channelers body, and there can be energy manipulation of the listeners. Most have wisely stopped.

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