Higher and Lower Knowledge

Higher and Lower Knowledge

Shaunaka, a great householder, once approached Angiras in the prescribed manner and asked, “My Lord, what is that, knowing which, everything becomes known?”

Angiras then said to him, “Two kinds of knowledge are to be gained, as indeed the knowers of Brahman declare – higher (para) and lower (apara).”

Of these, the lower consists of the [4 Vedas and 6 Vedanga]. The higher is that by which the imperishable is known.

– Mundaka Upanishad 1.1.3-5, Katz & Egenes translation

Studying by Stefano Mortellaro
Studying by Stefano Mortellaro

Para means beyond or before, ie: the absolute. Apara means not beyond.

Thus Angiras is recommending a study of the primary Vedic texts and transcending all that (going beyond, para) to discover our true nature.

Without the direct knowledge of being and culturing our deeper nature, the texts remain concepts in the mind. Reading them just grows our concepts.

With transcendence, we discover our true nature within and come to live it. The texts can then come alive. The sage’s understanding gives us language and context for our unfolding.

Without the texts, we can live enlightenment but may be challenged to communicate it or get misled by our own impressions. This is particularly true after a shift when we can feel complete and done.

With the understanding of the sages and our own direct experience, we gain the full value of our own unfolding.

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