Kumbh Mela by Ninara
Kumbh Mela by Ninara


Renounce, renounce the world of appearance. Then renounce renunciation as well. But, whether you renounce or do not renounce, enjoy the nectar of your natural state.
– Avadhuta Gita 2.46






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  1. Harrison

    Lovely thought – I think MMY said something to the effect its not desires we are renouncing but our attachment to those desires and the objects they are the focus of. My take on this is desires are natural and resistance too – but its our witnessing or being the witness that allows them to arise and then be dissolved back into Enzo freeing us to identify with our true self.

    1. Right, Harrison. For most of us, we don’t need to renounce the world per se. Rather, we renounce the attachment to an appearance. And we do that by transcending it and discovering our true nature beyond the appearance, as you describe.

      Desires and resistance are natural and have their role. But when we’re not resolving our experiences, they build up and grow on themselves. This triggers desires and resistance that is out of sync with life, causing suffering.

      So yeah, the quote isn’t an endorsement of becoming a renunciate. That too is renounced.

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