Gaining Abilities

Gaining Abilities

Autumn Bees by DaPuglet
Autumn Bees by DaPuglet

I had a recognition recently that seems a little Sci-Fi Fantasy to describe.

Essentially, our body expresses the cosmic body. In its ideal form or template, our body has all abilities. All the laws of nature are present in our pure, cosmic state.

The expression of our local body has an emphasis that’s distinct, as needed by this incarnation, dharma, and karma.

The degree of expression of various laws is controlled by constraint or inertia, much like our cable Internet connection is often a throttled version of its potential. Or like a large audio mixer, most of the channels are muted, yet the signals remain present.

As tamas (inertia) is dominant in most bodies, it throttles most laws of nature. We feel dense and solid, limiting what we can do.

As our level of sattva gradually rises through spiritual practice, the inertia lifts and various channels of flow open up. We may not recognize new laws of nature coming online unless they’re called upon. They simply open in a resting state of potential.

Our laws of nature may be experienced impersonally as principles and abilities or personally as subtle beings. Some perceive this transition of dark to light as a battle. The light beings are reducing the dark ones and freeing the flows of life and the Divine.

Others may see the removal of darkness as gaining an ability similar to a video game reward. Defeat the boss and gain an ability.

Or we may simply experience a weight being lifted locally or in the world.

We’re freeing up abilities that are already there cosmically. They’ve simply been muted within us.

The more subtle we go, the more shared the space is. Thus, this freeing of laws of nature is both personal and collective. Opening things up within opens it up a little more for everyone.

Through spiritual unfolding, we shift from being an individual immersed in a field of experience to being the field itself, expressing the experiences.

This is why golden ages are so very different in experience. Our ability to create and express is vastly upgraded. Life is much more about experience and connecting than possessions.

All this said, we remain human and our capacity to embody all of nature is limited. The kala model suggests that humans can develop about halfway up the scale of embodying laws of nature. Still, that’s well ahead of most people now.

It’s said that in a dark age, only 25% of laws of nature are active. As we rise out of that, more laws of nature are coming online and being embodied by various people. It’s a remarkable time, but we’ve got work to do.

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  1. Gary

    AS Maharishi said “We shake it and then let Natural Law manifest itself”. Or similar to that. LOL

    The new vaccine (physical mantra) hits the distribution today. I’d say that’s pretty self referral In biological terms and a new channel for sure.
    Blessings, Gary

    1. Hi Gary
      It feels like there is more “shaking” to come, perhaps from the fallout of closed businesses, late rent, etc. But the process is bringing a lot of collective baggage to the surface to be resolved. Some are helping with that, some are acting it out less helpfully. But it’s a learning for everyone.

      It will be interesting to see if the vaccine is effective and if immunity lasts long enough for the pandemic to subside. Several of them are a new type that is technically safer but have never been used on humans until recent tests. Adventurous life!

  2. Lynette

    This is awesome news. A reason to keep working on ourselves to be awakened and go online. Do you think you had this recognition experience because you are taking the Total Knowledge course with Peter?

    1. Hi Lynette
      It’s fun to experience what is in effect being every superhero imagined and every genius in every field who’s ever lived. Total potential.

      Of course that also highlights the distinction between that and what this form can do. (laughs) There’s work to be done…

      Specifically, the insight happened after I recognized another subtle ‘should’, let it go, and then cleared the emotion it was blocking the flow of. Another bit of fog cleared.

      I have another article coming up describing another insight from this.

  3. Christine

    Hi David,
    Very helpful article. Oddly I was wondering about this type of thing just yesterday….
    When you speak of ‘abilities’ though, I was wondering which types this refers to (though I suspect the laws of nature cover all human abilities!). For example, I recently took a First Aid/CPR course and wondered how I would respond in a real emergency – so being able to respond based on attained knowledge or skill, without hesitation or doubt, would be an ability that might otherwise have been constrained. Or perhaps a greater ability to express creatively, or better sense other people’s feelings in a particular situation. These are all very earthly abilities but since you referred to Sci-Fi I wondered if it was more about abilities like defying gravity, or communicating with devas and the like.
    Kind regards, Christine

    1. Hi Christine
      I wasn’t entirely clear why I joked about SciFi. The abilities span anything nature can do. And there are laws of nature waking up from long slumber that add to that. We can also consider the abilities listed in the Yoga Sutra like yogic flying, invisibility, etc. 🙂

      Yes, I’ve taken First Responder training. I’m rusty now but if you develop a skill, it stays with you if you practice it a bit and keep the pathways established. Riding a bike, for example. In an emergency, you can tap into those pathways. Knowing what to do also avoids panic (fight/flight/freeze) which shuts down the higher brain.

      However, the article is more about things you didn’t know you could do that circumstances can bring out. Like the person who lifts a car off someone. The me can’t do that but nature can.

      This isn’t about defying anything like gravity but working with nature in ways we may not have recognized before. Yogic flying, for example, uses a formulae to recognize the relationship between the body and the space element. That can then be used to reduce the weight of the body and move it through space. It’s not defying gravity, it’s changing our relationship with it.

      Communicating with devas happens when we refine the senses enough to recognize them. Then we can learn to communicate using thoughts and feelings. They’re all around us but we’ve not typically been cultured to perceive them. Quite a few people consider it quite normal but it can be a messy topic of conversation so is usually avoided. Like politics and religion. (laughs)

    2. I can add that a lot of kids perceive some subtle beings but we tend to lose that as the mind becomes prominent as we approach school age. We typically get negative feedback about it or experience some of the darker ones. But with spiritual practice and allowing, that can come back online and light can shine into the shadows.

  4. harrison

    Love this thought that, “Through spiritual unfolding, we shift from being an individual immersed in a field of experience to being the field itself, expressing the experiences.” What a nice shift in our inherent center of gravity – really lightening up and expanding from the individual to the universal. Big enough to hold those old dense dramas but not be overwhelmed by them. Thanks!

    1. Hi Harrison
      Yes, good point. When we can contain everything, we can also handle everything – even the suffering of the world. Helps a lot with healing our history, personally and collectively.

      Awakening takes just a moment but healing and integrating continues… there is centuries of repression to heal. We’re making big progress.

  5. John R

    Hi David,
    This post, and especially your added comment about kids, is timely, as I will be seeing my grandchildren next week (after quarantining). I’ve been gifted with – or maybe regained – some beginner-level ability to perceive subtle beings, and I was thinking about how to talk to young children about their experiences. Presumably, the conversation should be gentle and very positive if it happens at all. (“Hey kid, see any dark beings lately?” – uh, maybe not.) I don’t recall whether you have written about this, or maybe you know of someone else who has discussed it? I also wonder whether the “ghosts” children see might actually be angels? There seems to be a resemblance.
    P.S. Hi Harrison!

    1. Hi John
      Interesting question. I’d say it would depend widely on the circumstances. Have they had a history of ‘imaginary friends”, was the topic discouraged, or did they fear night visitors, etc.? How their parents are about it. There’s probably children’s books that could be use as a topic intro.

      The ghosts kids may see may actually be ghosts or imagination or both. Angels are not scary other than perhaps being unexpected. They’re bright and feel loving. What most call ghosts are dead people who resisted letting go and thus crossing over. They tend to be a little lost or confused and need direction to go to the light. That’s not usually pleasant for kids.

      But yeah, there are all sorts of variations. Our emotional tone makes a big difference in what hangs around, but there are other factors.

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