End Times

End Times

Icy Lifes by Nelson L
Icy Lifes by Nelson L

Some are talking like we’re in end times: climate change with crazy weather, floods and fires, a global pandemic, unrest, exaggerated political polarities, growing financial inequality, and more. Such events have marked the end of civilizations.

However, we’re in a rising rather than falling age. We’re witness to a great deal of purification rather than a collapse. It is crazy on the surface, but underneath, many are making rapid spiritual progress. Thousands of people have been awakening. And some of those awake are living stages of enlightenment that have been very rare for a long time.

We’re in end times, but for suffering.

What is unresolved likes to make a fuss. It wants to be seen and experienced. If we’re attached to it, a drama can result as it rises to the surface to be experienced. It becomes part of the play of life.

As we learn to let go, our history can wash over us and complete. Our burdens can fall away and liberation from our smallness can arise.

“Phase transition. What will happen is in areas where people have drifted away from the laws of nature more, the change will be seen in a more dramatic way; in the places where the people have not shifted away from the laws of nature, there the phase transition will be mild and gentle, slipping into the sunshine of the day of the Age of Enlightenment. Gentle. We will have to see.”
– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

This is true both personally and collectively.

This is the gift of our times. It will take time to unfold and there will be more drama to come. Old systems that no longer support will dissipate. But the light is rising through the layers of creation, pushing what needs to be healed to the surface. That may create some drama. But if we recognize it’s just a sign of transformation and we act to smooth the way, the sunshine will be increasingly obvious.

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  1. John R

    Wow, David. Such a timely post. That Silence in Flow (now where does that phrase come from? 🙂 ) in the collective consciousness is so real…. Something Good is Happening! Here’s to smoothing the way!

  2. Bojan

    Hi David
    This is such an uplifting and positive article! Thanks for that! It’s certainly good to know that better times are ahead of us.
    I wrote in the past about my ambivalence about the rising golden age, so i won’t repeat it again this time☺️!
    But what about the real end times? Probably it will happen sometimes in the distant future trillions of years later…
    What the real and final end of times means to you? Is it just the end of the humankind? Humans are living on the planet Earth already a very long time. Acording to Vivekananda we are here already 50 million years, Meher Baba said it’s even longer, more then 80 million years, if i remember correctly. But eventualy the human existence will come to an end. Do you have any idea how long will humans exist on this planet?
    Or does the final end times means the end of the planet Earth, the end of the universe and creation? Or all of the above?
    Always looking forward to your insights!

    1. Hi Bojan
      Well, in terms of the appearance of the world, there are grand cycles of creation and dissolution. A dissolution would happen when every being everywhere in creation is fully awake. But that’s just the appearance. Who we are in a deeper sense is functionally eternal. Our appearance comes and goes but who we are goes on. Creation works in a similar way.

      As the Yoga Vasishtha describes, when creation arises again in appearance, it’s essentially running the same program again, with the same souls. But that’s just a perspective. In another perspective, it never arose in the first place and the arising itself was just an appearance. We remain eternal.

      You can also see it from a science perspective. Our sun has a shelf-life and some billions of years in the future, it will expand to absorb our planet. But if you see your life as a means of experiencing and becoming enlightened, then this isn’t a loss. It was simply one of trillions of stages on which the play could unfold.

      I’d agree humans have been here much longer than history suggests. Science doesn’t understand the cycle of ages. Golden ages don’t leave traces the same way as monumental (Treta) ages, for example.

      But have we been the same all those years? Perhaps not. There is archeological evidence of both small people and giants, for example, and the avatars prior to the last golden age didn’t come in human form. Not to mention souls that migrate from other stages or light forms. The models may change a bit over time but there is fundamentals that remain, driven by the cosmic body template.

      How long we’ll be around I don’t see as a particularly useful question due to all the variables. Time isn’t rigid. If the Bushunda story is accurate, our general form has been around for more than a billion years, depending on how you calculate yugas.

      But yes, the end of this planet/ stage, of this universe, and of this creation are all dissolution cycles. But all are cyclic, not permanent.

      Enlightenment is about coming to know who we are behind all that, about what lives on whatever the stage.

  3. Bojan

    Hi David
    “Our general form has been around for more then a billion years….”.
    Let me see if i understand this.
    I remember reading about so called “alternative history” where apparently there are some artefacts, millions, even hundreds of millions years old. Some researchers interpreted that as the proof that people were existing on the Earth that long, even more then a billion years, as you’ve said. But what do you mean with “our general form”? Humanoid form or something else?
    This is certainly an interesting topic. Maybe humans experienced End Times many times in the past. But how can we be sure about that? Is there any way to know what really happend and what will happen in the future?

    1. Hi Bojan
      That’s based on a story in the Yoga Vasishtha where the sage has come to visit the crow in most (but not all) of the cycles. Depending on which cycles are being referred to, that works out to a very long time.

      Yes, I mean humanoid. I can’t say we looked exactly the same as some of the parameters evolve.

      Certainly humans have experienced very dark times. But the golden ages are quite a bit longer.

      We can’t be sure of any of it because so much is subject to perspective. Time isn’t a rigid thing. History can occasionally change when we resolve experiences from that period. So its pliable. In the same way decisions now affect details of the future. A standard thread of events but variations in experience.

  4. Gina

    In a comment on your 2012 blog “Dying Awake” you state, ” With the dissolution of all expression, all forms and all gods also dissolve leaving only Brahman. ” So does that men Busunda, a ‘crow who has found a way to live even between creations’, is actually a form of Brahman?

    1. Hi Gina
      In that specific case, I think they’re referring to the dissolution of the universe (night of Brahma) because Meru, where Bhusunda resided, remained. When the entire creation with all universes dissolves, there would be no place to sustain a form.

      Nothing really ends though as, from a Brahman stage perspective, nothing began in the first place. Who we are in essence is beyond all that. More even than eternity, an expression of time.

      So yeah, we’re all forms of Brahman, from that perspective. And forms of consciousness. And of the Divine. 🙂

  5. Harriet

    Thanks for this, David – really interesting and helpful. It’s certainly encouraging that so many are waking up and making such great progress, and that many others are on a variety of spiritual paths. But I do wonder what will happen to those people, of whom there are still a great many, for whom the concepts of spirituality and alignment with the laws of nature are totally foreign. It would be good to hear your thoughts on this.

    1. Hi Harriet
      It varies widely. Some have a blind eye to spirituality due to some karma to be experienced. So it’s temporary. Others are evolving in their own ways, like sharpening the intellect through engineering or music. Their path is not through overt spirituality or a specific understanding. Some are identified with the collective. When the collective shifts, they’ll go with it. Some are in resistance but will be pushed by the changes. And some are deeply entrenched and will struggle mightily.

      We all have an expiry time though where we can step out of this incarnation and get some perspective. Then we can reset how we’re coming back into this. It’s been said that some very old souls have been waiting for this time to be born. And that others may no longer be able to process their karma here so will incarnate somewhere else. There are all sorts of possibilities.

      Humans incarnate in a wide range of stage of development. (see the Kala model, for example) Some are just above other mammals. Others are living embodiment’s of love and peace. There’s a big range between them. Some are simply not ready to look within.

      However, it’s more fraught to judge where someone is on a scale as an old soul can go through a dark night and a young soul can have a wonderful period.

      Key is our own journey. We do what we can, avoiding getting into conflict with circumstances or our natural tendencies, finding our way forward and supporting others in whatever way is natural for us.

  6. Bill

    Lovely David. It is very important right now for humans across our earth to hear the “Gatekeepers” cry because there is little, if any, heralding of the beauty of change and in particular, change which leads to broader understandings of heart and and life. We are on the cusp of what a written history may call a recognizable step out of the dark ages. Although this of course will appear and disappear like a bottle in water, it does herald a future where that bottle eventually reaches land! Keep up your wonderful writing and as the collective deepens, change will as well!

  7. Peter

    Excellent dissertation on what is going down at the moment, Davidya.
    I believed from the start the madness was just such excrescence. We should not under estimate the spiritual power of the USA to manifest such purification and more coming no doubt …

  8. JJ

    David, I’m curious. In this new coming rising age there’s a period of upheaval when the culture and civilization collapse to give way to a higher shift in consciousness. I believe and feel that we are witnessing the start of this right now. As more people awaken, we are also seeing the start of the collapse of the systems in the current age. From what I understand in Kali Yuga our consciousness is at its lower stage and this will be followed by a prolonged period of cataclysm and then the new civilization will emerge. This period could take about 150 years to clear out (I’ve also heard 300 years). Why would souls want to be born right now? It seems it would be better to be born when the drama subsided more. Also, is there a way to learn more about the length of the yugas? There are lots of theories out there, could you share the length of the ages?

    1. Hi JJ
      As I note in the article, we’re in a rising rather than descending cycle. This is certainly a time of transformation but it is not a time of collapse. Certainly, there are some things that will fall apart and be difficult for some people. We can use the example of the transition from horse and buggy to cars. In some areas, this happened in less than 10 years. Those who ran stables got left behind. Similarly, switchboard operators and steno jobs have vanished.

      Another similar transformation is underway in transportation and power. Electric cars are now superior to gas. Tesla has become the most valuable auto company in the world. Governments are legislating banning gas cars. Those in the gas car industry are going to be in trouble soon. Similarly, solar is now cheaper than coal. This has begun to transform the electrical grid and how people get their power. Most people are largely oblivious to this.

      More importantly, more people are waking up all the time. Every shift wakes the whole up further, causing an inside-out transformation of everyone’s experience of the world. At the moment, this is causing a lot of purification. Some are helping to process this while others are less helpfully acting it out instead.

      So no, not a period of cataclysm. Certainly there will be some drama. Some will not be comfortable with the transformation and may decide to leave. Some were just here for the transformation.

      I’ve written on the Yuga cycles here. It corresponds to my historical experience. Lots of links in the comments.

      However, this is the standard cycle, not the transition we’re going through now. As Krishna predicted, we’re now in an age where many are waking up. This will bring a faster than usual golden age that should last until the end of the usual golden age cycle in about 10k years.

      It’s been said that many have been born now to watch the transition because this is a rare circumstance. Also, souls are being born now that couldn’t before because it had been too harsh. Witness the kids singing quality opera at 6, or major inventions at 8, for example.

      Big topic. 🙂

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