Book Updated

Book Updated




Recently, I got back into the text of Our Natural Potential to tidy a few typos, update a few small things, and add a glossary. The content is basically the same except for the glossary (and a number in the subtitle).

The updates have been posted and will spread through the various outlets over the next day or so.




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    1. (laughs) I went through the text over and over, as did my editor and several readers. And still a few typos got through. As well as a couple of glitches in formatting. The usual. You do what you can. 🙂
      What I hadn’t realized is just how much terminology I use. Some of it’s been a normal part of my day for decades. But I did get requests for a glossary and finally tackled it.
      The book has a reduced version based on the words in the text. But even then its about 16 pages!

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