Update – Glossary

Update – Glossary

Blue featherRecently, I saw a nice glossary and thought it would be a good feature for the site. I got well into it before I realized what I’d gotten my self into. I had not realized how many terms I use on this site. Nor how grumpy WordPress would be.(laughs)

Many of the definitions are linked to related articles for further exploration.

See the new tab on the top menu. Let me know if you see anything missing or broken.

May you find it useful in exploring.

Update: I’ve added a small feature at the bottom of some pages that shows the date it was last Updated. Including the Glossary. I’ve also added this to posts. This will display if I make changes to an article after the fact (see example below). Usually I mark Updates but will also occasional fix typos too. 🙂

Last Updated on January 22, 2020 by Davidya

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  1. Kerri Heffernan

    Nice!!! That is very handy.

    I have an unrelated question that may be a good fit for a topic. I’ve been a major seeker since my awakening. Not getting enough..books and talks. Anything I could get my hands on really. All of a sudden I woke up and have no interest in seeking anymore. It’s really strange. The only thing I can think of is that my self recognized itself finally. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Kerri
      Self Realization is one reason a seeker would fall away. But there are others. And SR would bring other changes.
      A major change in perspective can cause the mind to want answers. After a time, the mind is satisfied, bored, or has had enough. A dasha (another word to add) change can also trigger a shift in attention.
      For some things, you just have to give them a bit of time and see if it’s a phase or a permanent shift.

  2. Bill

    WOW! Lots of work there and it seems to do still. But it will be wonderful for we who are not familiar with all the terms. I did notice, unless you have Him under another name, my blessed Agni was not there.

    1. Thanks, Bill.
      The intent of the Glossary is for definitions of words I use on this site. I won’t be doing everything – my Sanskrit Dictionary is over 1,000 pages… But will certainly be adding to it with words like Agni.

  3. Robert

    Thanks, David. This is a great resource, and it always helps that your posts will likely be coming from the same glossary. With a limited knowledge of the Vedic tradition, there is often a need to “know” what a word means, and so often a random translation doesn’t add much. Of course, the need to know is the real problem, but to surrender is so much more difficult (for this “me”, at least).

    1. Thanks, Robert. I’ve linked related articles extensively but that doesn’t always serve a quick check or ever word. Some of my definitions are standard, some a little distinct.
      The need to know isn’t the issue, it’s the attachment to the ideas. The traditions do recommend study and understanding. They can be valuable on the journey. But our impressions of things we’ve not yet experienced are always a bit off. If we’re holding ideas to rigidly, that can get in the way of the experience.
      Awakening is a great example. It’s very useful to under stand something of it so it can be recognized and supported. But when it actually happens, its always something of a surprise as our concepts could never meet it. 🙂

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