Division by Candi
Division by Candi

In the unfolding of creation, awareness becomes self-aware in every layer. This leads to spaces within spaces as the process steps forward into the world of form and phenomena. Like a set of Russian dolls, only the outer layers are progressively more subtle and diffuse.

However, this process gets exaggerated by the sense of separation, of being a distinct individual. It’s natural to recognize our distinctions from others. It’s part of our maturation as a person and the function of the intellect. However, when that is all we recognize as self, it leads to greater division and the mayiya mala, the impurity of separation.

When separation is dominant, we divide up all our experiences. We rate them good or bad. We create spaces to stash unresolved experiences we don’t want. Then we push those spaces into shadow, hidden from awareness.

And yet these shadows are still very present and influencing us by their energy signature. We can throw a blanket over a heater, but that won’t stop it heating. (And can start a fire!) Ego pretends they’re not there while still being driven by them. Meanwhile, they’re hidden from conscious awareness. That doesn’t lead to a smooth and comfortable life.

With practices like effortless meditation and yoga asana, we can make great progress. By touching into source we get deep, healing rest and discover our boundless, universal self. We release contractions, and this softens our separations. The shadow spaces can heal and resolve.

Then we just need a little supplementary work to make this process more conscious, shift some ingrained habits that don’t support our well-being, and let go of some of those old whoppers.

Ah, what a relief. And when the bigger divisions fall, Unity dawns.

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