podcastingDuring 2019, I experimented with text-to-voice and podcasting. The first was a fail. The second was reasonable. But the amount of time it’s taking to record, edit, produce and learn to do better is more than doubling the time it’s taking me to post articles. The resulting subscribers and traffic are small and not growing.

My apologies if you’re a listener but I’m going to stop producing podcasts of all articles. I will still post audio versions of some content and may occasionally do other conversational podcasts more typical of the style.

It feels I should focus on where it flows. A return to roots, as it where.
This way I can focus on content and the readership.

PS: If you have been listening because reading has become more challenging, modern computers do come with screen readers that will read the page to you. Macs come with VoiceOver, Windows with Screen Reader, and there is also free tools like ChromeVox. Ditto for screen magnifiers.

PPS: If you want to explore existing podcasts, you can use the Podcast category from the pick list at the bottom.

Last Updated on January 12, 2020 by Davidya

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  1. George Robinson

    Always liked reading more anyway. Keep energized for the message, not the medium. You’ll never have to think about “keeping us” as we’re naturally drawn to the light. Rest more and feel the appreciation and gratitude.

  2. Carol

    I totally agree with what you say. I am personally grateful for your offerings and reading is as good a way to “listen” as any…unless you are so busy you cannot sit for 3 or 4 minutes! Or impaired in some visual way…
    Thanks for continuing as it must suit you as well.

    1. Hi Carol
      It’s less about suiting me and more about being in the flow. Allowing what wants to express to have a channel. If that doesn’t happen smoothly, it gets in the way of clarity.
      It’s a bit of a dance as life keeps evolving. Sometimes, openings. Sometimes cleaning house…

  3. Christine

    We all seem to benefit greatly when you’re in the flow….The podcasts are lovely but I prefer reading as I usually want to re-read some sections to ‘get it’ and take advantage of the fantastic cross referencing to other blogs

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