Brain Processing Space

Brain Processing Space

Some interesting new research is finding that the brain [actually mind] creates virtual spaces into which it produces geometric forms as a way to process complex thinking. When the process is complete, the spaces are deleted.

The graphic is of particular interest.

R. Buckminster Fuller wrote the 2-volume Synergetics which he subtitled “Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking.” He mapped how the mind and the world were structured with “all-space filling geometry.”

I’ve also talked about how form is created through vibration, then interrelated in geometric patterns with a form of call and response. These give rise to the qualities and structure of form.

In a sense, the world is structured in cosmic mind. We experience similar in local mind but don’t (thankfully) manifest most of that.

The article mentions higher dimensions which I find a less useful way to frame it. A better understanding is the creation of nested virtual spaces. The world is structured like a Russian doll, layer within layer, with our physical experience being the inner-most doll. Unless we refine our perception, we’ll never see further than the inner surface of the next doll out.

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