Me or We?

Me or We?

Lori Ann Lothian recently wrote an article called What if Your Awakening is Not Just for You? The article is about people seeking enlightenment to get something when enlightenment is about giving, letting go, shifting from a me to a we.

Yet this dynamic can also be part of the shadow post-awakening, one that gets in the way of deeper progress. The key is to learn to recognize the dynamic and wind it down rather than investing in it or making it “mine” or projecting it onto others.

I’ve written about some of these issues before, but she gives fresh voice to it. She’s also at this years SAND conference and talks in a video at the bottom about Craig Holliday’s talk. Craig was on the Sofia panel last year and I added him to my Consult tab.

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  1. Jim

    It is an interesting perspective, to put the cart before the horse, but what does it achieve, except some mood-making? Certainly this process of enlightenment exists for the good of all, but just as we are innocently moving from an isolated self to complete integration, there is no need to put this focus on giving, before we are established. It happens regardless, in time.

    “Know Thy Self”, first. This hunger of the seeker is a natural thing. This craving to be set free is the most intense desire we have. It is good to have the knowledge of the sequence of unfolding, but this intense preoccupation with personally finding the goal, for ourselves, is a very good thing.

    One caveat, that you have written about, is to remain balanced, and continue to live a grounded life of relationships, career, family, hobbies, interests, and so on. No greater emphasis on spiritual practice is necessary, once the momentum towards liberation has been established.

    Then once Brahman is lived, attention naturally turns towards the good of all, without any reminder. It is a curious thing, because a sort of stasis is reached with Brahman, so that all the time that was spent just getting ourselves right, day by day, is now automatic, and the time saved is then spent doing for others and the world. An abundance of tools for just such a purpose becomes available once Totality/Brahman is lived.

    1. Hi Jim
      Her post was more about what is driving some “spiritual” groups and people, as if enlightenment is another thing to accomplish or a success technique.

      But yes, I get the point. Making a mood isn’t useful either and a great deal of what people hope to see in themselves, like compassion, is a natural result of real spiritual growth.

      And yes, I also agree on the over-empahsis. There is many who seek to escape their lives and thus pursue an unproductive path of avoidance.

      (laughs) In many ways, it was automatic all along. It’s only when we get out of the way and stop claiming everything as “mine” and seeking to fix it all that the fixing takes place. 🙂

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